Relax After a Long Day With Essential Oils

When you think about getting home after a long day and finally being able to wind down, what do you see yourself doing in your mind? Taking your shoes off? Opening a bottle of wine? Having a long, hot bath? If you’re not already including essential oils into that relaxation mix, it’s high time you did!

For centuries, all over the world, these substances have been used for a wide variety of purposes. While there is no hard scientific evidence that they work in the way they are believed to traditionally, aromas can definitely have an effect on you as an individual.

Different smells can affect a person in different ways. Some trigger pleasant memories, maybe taking you back to a time when you were happy and had a care free attitude. Some appeal to you so much, the minute they tickle your olfactory senses, they make you smile. It doesn’t matter what the traditional uses of the essential oils are supposed to be, what really matters is how it makes you feel.

The great thing is, these oils can easily become part of any existing relaxation routine, whatever it is. There are a number of ways they can be used including:

  • Diffuser

Probably the most common way that these kinds of oils are used for relaxation is by putting the one of your choice into a diffuser. This way, the aroma is gently dispersed into the air, filling any room with the sweet scent you’ve chosen.

  • Bath and Body Products

Another way that you can get the benefit of essential oils is by using products that have the oils infused into them, especially bubble bath, which adds to the already relaxing effect of immersing yourself into hot water. Add some candles and soft music and you’ll soon see how involving more of your senses makes you relax more quickly and completely.

  • Topically

Sometimes people use these oils topically, rubbing them into their temples or other spots on the body for quick absorption. When used this way, it’s recommended that they be added to a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba, for topical use.  New product lines, such as Roll-ons are available for this exact type of topical use.

If you haven’t yet experienced the exponential effect of using essential oils for relaxation, there’s no time like the present to discover their magic. Try ones that have been used traditionally for that purpose, or experiment with scents that are particularly appealing to you.  All you have to lose is your stress.


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