Rehabilitation of Alcoholics

Rehabilitation of Alcoholics

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Rehabilitation of Alcoholics

After proper treatment more than 60% of the alcoholics maintain abstinence for more than one year. Many of them maintain lifetime abstinence. Since there is no proof of superiority of one treatment schedule than the other it is best to keep management of alcoholics as simple as possible.

The first step in rehabilitation of alcoholics is the attempt to help alcoholics to maintain a high level of motivation for abstinence. This includes education about alcoholism, instructing family and friends not to protect the alcoholic from problems caused by alcohol.

The second step is to help the alcoholic to readjust t life without alcohol & establish a functional lifestyle. For this counseling, vocational rehabilitation and self help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (US) are available for help.

The third step is to prevent relapse of alcoholism. This is done by educating the alcoholic to identify the situation which may cause return of drinking. Physician should formulate ways of managing these risks and develop strategy to cope with the situation. For that reason after stopping drinking, an alcoholic should be followed up monthly as very important in main tenancy of abstinence.

There is no convincing widened to proof that hospitalization is better than out patient management .However, sometime times hospitalization is required for the following reasons (1)The patient has medical problem that is difficult to manage outside hospital (2)If patient is in depression confusion or have other psychiatric problems.(3)The patient liver for from treatment centre(4)Out patient treatment has failed.(5)If there is severe medical problem that makes out patient treatment impracticable.

After treatment of alcoholism out patient contact should be maintained for one year.Counselling should emphasize upon day to day living, improved functioning in absence of alcohol helping the patient to manage free time without alcohol. Patient should be advised to maintain a non drinking peer group, and they should be taught how to handle stags on the job.

The alcoholics should be given vocational training if they do not already have. They should be helped in finding decent jibs with les stressful condition, so that alcoholism does not return.

The main stay of alcoholic rehabilitation involves counseling, education, and cognitive approach medication also might be helpful. For this episode antagonist naltrexone 50 to 150 mgs daily in divided doses. This drug has shown to reduce chances of relapse of drinking. But more studies are required to confirm effectiveness of the medication. Another drug composite 2gm per day has shown similar result as that of naltrexone in a Europe in a study.

Additional support for alcoholics and their relatives and friends is available from self help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).Typically these groups consists of recovering alcoholics & recovered persons, who can provide very good motivation to the patient. Patient can share his problems & discuss with same peer group. They have personal for crisis management for alcoholics. These can help patients optimize their chance of recovery & freedom from alcohol.

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