Reduce Common Cold by Reducing Risk Factors

Reduce Common Cold by Reducing Risk Factors

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Reduce Common Cold by Reducing Risk Factors

It is possible to reduce incidence of common cold by reducing the risk factors of common cold which increase the incidence of common cold infection. By understanding the disease and by taking precaution it is possible to reduce the incidence and suffering from common cold. There are some modifiable and some non-modifiable risk factors of common cold and we all can reduce transmission of infection of common cold causing viruses by taking proper precautions and we should try to change modifiable risk factors of common cold for reducing transmission of infection.

It is not possible to completely prevent the infection of common cold, hence or aim should be reduction of rate of transmission from one person to another.

The following can be done to reduce common cold infection:

  • Make it a habit of washing your hands frequently with soap and water. Washing will remove the viruses from our hand which may be present on the surface of hand due to touching of an object which contained virus from infected person (commonly a family member). Commonly used objects which may contain virus if a family member is infected or have asymptomatic infection, are towels, door handle, utensils, toys, and other commonly used objects at home. To reduce infection, towels should not be shared and other objects should be washed and cleaned before sing. Avoid habits of touching nose after touching an object.
  • Bed rooms and living rooms should be well ventilated and well lit, which will help in reducing transmission of infection. Preferably do not share a room with an infected family member.
  • Always cover your mouth and nose with handkerchief or a piece of clean cloth while sneezing and coughing, which release large number of viruses. Cover you nose and mouth if somebody sneeze or coughs near you.
  • Do not expose yourself to cold unnecessarily and always wear warm clothing during cold season.
  • Quit smoking, it will not only reduce risk of transmission of infection of common cold causing viruses but also prevent many other health problems related to smoking, which we all are aware of.
  • Get adequate sleep of about 8 hours a day.
  • Teach your children good health habits, which will have long lasting health benefits for your child.
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