Prognosis of Appendicitis Treatment

Prognosis of Appendicitis Treatment

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Prognosis of Appendicitis Treatment

, Prognosis of Appendicitis TreatmentAppendicitis occurs with different frequency across the world. The chance of complications from appendicitis is much higher in developed countries than developing countries due to various factors such as low dietary fiber intake. Prognosis of appendicitis treatment is generally very good and most patients recover well after appropriate treatment (surgical or medical management). But in some cases complications may arise, especially if appropriate treatment is not instituted promptly (delayed treatment) and in case of late diagnosis of appendicitis. Complications may also arise if peritonitis develops.

There are several factors which can influence treatment outcome and prognosis as a result, such as general condition of the patient, age of the patient, complications and other factors such as alcohol consumption etc. The recovery time is generally10 days to four weeks and depends on several factors mentioned here (age, complications, other factors etc.). For old people the recovery takes longer than young adults and for children the recover time is approximately three weeks.

The most serious complication of appendicitis is risk of peritonitis (due to rupture of inflamed appendix), which can be life threatening in nature. To prevent rupture of inflamed appendix, it is important to evaluate the patient immediately and institute adequate treatment promptly. There are incidences, when surgical operations were conducted in emergency conditions outside of a proper hospital, when a timely medical evaluation was impossible to save the life of the patient.

Acute and typical appendicitis respond well to appendisectomy and only rarely resolve spontaneously, if ever. In case patient recovers spontaneously, it is controversial whether to perform elective appendisectomy or not. For atypical appendicitis patients the risk of development of complications is higher.

The best approach for treatment of appendicitis is prompt diagnosis and appendisectomy, which gives the best results.

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