Appointment with your Doctor for Nail Fungus Infection

Appointment with your Doctor for Nail Fungus Infection

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Prepare yourself for Appointment with your Doctor for Nail Fungus Infection

If you have nail fungus infection you should not ignore it. Although nail fungus infection is not a serious medical condition, it can give lots of trouble to you and at times it may be embarrassing, as well as painful. If nail fungus infection is giving you trouble (or even if it is not giving any trouble at present) you should always consult a dermatologist. But before you consult your dermatologist, you should prepare yourself for consultation for better outcome of your consultation and for complete cure (which is very much possible with some care) of the nail fungus infection.

You should prepare by writing down the symptoms (so that it becomes easier for you to tell the symptoms of your problem to your dermatologist). Write down your personal details (such as your job, recent changes in lifestyle, recent exposure to anything you were not exposed before) which may be required by your doctor to diagnose the problem you are suffering from. Write down the details of medication (including any vitamin or food supplementation you may be taking) you are taking at present, if any and also if you are allergic to any drug/food.

You should also write down the question you need to or want to ask to your doctor (dermatologist) during consultation, which may include:

  • What is the most likely cause of my problem?
  • What are other possible causes of nail fungus infection?
  • Do I need to do any investigation (test)?
  • What do you recommend for my treatment?
  • What alternatives are available for treatment of my problem?
  • I have other health problem such as—, what should I do, so that both can be managed satisfactorily?
  • Is there any brochure or other printed material that I can take home to learn and understand my problem better? Any website do you recommend which I can read to get more information about my health problem?

If you have any other question in mind which is not included here and you think it is important you should not hesitate to ask the question to your doctor during consultation.

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