PG Vs VG Eliquid & How It Affects Vaporizer Performance - Health Blog

PG Vs VG Eliquid & How It Affects Vaporizer Performance - Health Blog

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PG Vs VG Eliquid And How It Affects Vaporizer Performance

It is but very obvious that if you are thinking to shift from smoking cigarettes to electronic cigarettes then you are curious about the e-liquid and he mechanism of the e-cigarettes, how they work and what are the risk factors included in it. Honestly, the vaping terminology can be a little hard to understand in the beginning which is why we will explain you everything you should know about it. The e-liquids are like the soul of an e-cigarette and these liquids are basically made up of two bases. One is the propylene glycol (PG) and the other one is the vegetable glycerin (VG)., PG Vs VG Eliquid And How It Affects Vaporizer Performance

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Most of the e-liquids are a combination of VG and PG and people also prefer the combination as it doubles up the flavor and the vapor too. You see, if you want to have the best vaping experience and if it’s your first time then make sure to do two things. First buy your e-liquid from a guaranteed platform where the flavors taste like heaven like the Nasty juice e-liquids and the second thing to do is to buy the liquid that has a base of both VG and PG with a ratio of 40:60. We assure you that following both these rules will help you get the best out of your vaping experience.

What Is The Base Of An E-Liquid?

Most of the people are confused about the base and the ingredients of an e-liquid and people really want to know what’s it all made up of which is why today in this article we are going to explain you about the two bases PG and VG in detail. The base of the liquid basically contains nicotine and flavor in suspension just so your e-cigarette can produce nice clouds of vapor in the air. The best part is that both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are non toxic and organic compounds so you don’t have to worry about the risk factors that come with these ingredients. In fact, both of these ingredients used in the base of e liquids are considered to be safe for consumption by FDA so yes, these are officially legal too.

The PG e-liquid

The propylene glycol comes with a runny consistency, it’s thinner than the VG variety and the best part is that it can be easily absorbed by the cotton fabric present inside the wic tanks and the cartomizers. With PG you will have to face lesser gunk because it is quite thin so the gunk doesn’t build up on the heating element of the vaporizer. As far as its effect on the flavor is concerned well we again have some good news for you that PG has no effect on the flavor of the e-liquid because it’s tasteless

The VG e-liquid

Vegetable glycerin also known as VG is a thick solution which is why it’s used to make the base of e-liquids. As said earlier, the propylene glycol is sort of a runny liquid so in order to support that runny consistency of PG, most of the manufactures out there use the VG and mix both of these substances to make a good base.

When it comes to the VG, it comparatively  has a slower absorption for cartomizers.

The downside of VG is that due to it’s thick nature it alone can clog up the vaporizers and produce gunk in them and to get rid of the clogging, more cleaning will be required.

People using the PG based e-liquids have complained quite a lot of times that their mouth gets very dry after vaping. On the other hand, people using the VG based juices have complained about phlegm building in their throats. However, VG is less allergic than PG so it’s always better to go for the former one.

We hope you now understand the difference between PG and VG and how it affects the performance of your vaporizer. Again, it’s better to get yourself an e-liquid that not only tastes good in fact, it’s a mixture of both the PG and VG bases. We assure you that you will like the flavor and the vapor coming out of it too.

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