PathXL Xplore – A New Era For Digital Pathology Workflow

Having successfully launched the ground-breaking tumor tissue analysis software TissueMark in November 2013, Belfast based digital pathology software providers PathXL have recently launched a next generation image information management system that is designed specifically for research labs – PathXL Xplore. This software aims to save researchers and pathologists even more time and is currently the most powerful digital pathology system on the market. But what does all this power mean for pathologists?

Why PathXL Xplore is good news for pathologists

It has some never before seen features in it and it is a product of its kind. Using Xplore, the users have the freedom to import scanned images from multiple sources to one database using either their scanner of their choice or from a range of different scanning platforms.

Xplore is intended to accelerate research in the modern working environment. The software is browser based and securely accessible from any device, anywhere in the world. This facilitates sharing and collaboration with other pathologists and researchers and helps you get to your final result much quicker. Studies are shared with a single click and study partners receive an automatic email alerting them to the sharing event.

Perhaps the best feature of Xplore is its ease of use. The platform was designed and developed with the end user in mind with a number of pathologists and researchers being involved in the design details of the user interface.

PathXL see highly functional and specialized digital pathology software as integral to the future of pathology. Providing a means to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Xplore provides a central hub for both pathologists and researchers to create, manage, interrogate and share studies, helping them do things not previously possible and more importantly, to do them faster and better.

Des Speed, PathXL, CEO added “I’m proud of what we have done here with Xplore. This is something radically different which will provide real time and cost savings and should appeal to any lab using digital pathology to support their research needs. We now intend to interface Xplore with a number of selected third party products and provide a powerful interface for ‘big data’ to really drive the ecosystem approach”.

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