Nutrition and Nutrients

Nutrition is a vast subject and in small article such as this article you are reading can not explain in detain about the subject of nutrition. We all know about nutrition and understand it, may be our understanding level is different for different individuals. Nutrition is the science of food, our daily requirement of different essential and non essential food items.

Nutrients are the substances that we need for survival and must be supplied from external sources, as we can not synthesize them or if we can synthesize them the quantity is insufficient for survival. Nutrition requirements are different for different individuals, but in general the nutritional requirements have been determined experimentally. To maintain good (optimal) health we need energy providing nutrients (such as protein, fat, and carbohydrate), vitamins, minerals, and water (the life as life is not possible without water).

The specific requirement of different nutrients includes nine essential amino acids (as these amino acids can not be synthesized by humans), several essential fatty acids, four fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A, D, E and K), 10 water-soluble vitamins, and choline. Several inorganic substances, such as 4 minerals, 7 trace minerals, 3 electrolytes, and the ultra-trace elements are also required by humans and must be taken from external sources.

The nutrient requirement varies in different individuals according to age, physiologic state etc. There are some organic phytochemicals and zoochemicals which do not have any direct function, such as energy production or helping in some chemical reaction in humans, but are still essential for optimal health e.g. dietary fibers, which are essential for optimal functioning of gastrointestinal system.

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