Non Invasive Treatment

Non Invasive Treatment

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Non Invasive Treatment


The patients suffering from skeletal and muscular pain are increasing every day. This is not confined any one area of the globe but is widespread throughout the world. The pain is not restricted to any age group or gender but is general to all ages and both the genders. When the pain strikes, the difficulty felt by the patients, one have to experience it to believe it. Pain is a general ailment to all humans. Only that the organ it affects is different. The intensity of pain also varies when in some cases, it tolerable but in many cases it is beyond the persons’ tolerance level and he or she has to seek out for medication and medical intervention. The common attributes of pain are that it can only be controlled and not eradicated and the relief is temporary and not permanent. So what would you do when you suffer from musculo skeletal pain such as rheumatism?

The treatment:

The treatment is broadly referred to as rheumatology where the doctor intervenes to apply a range of therapies and medications in order to make it least felt by the patient. Pain is such a debilitating condition and the person who has it knows best. In reumatologos, the treatment is carried out without surgery called as the non invasive treatment with the help of latest technique called as shock wave therapy. The patient can look for tratamiento tendinitis.

It is available in Spain and the physician expert who practices the medication is Dr. Karin Freitag who specializes is rheumatology which focuses on alternative medical technology to surgery to treat ailments such as motor pathology, shock wave therapy, and application of platelet growth factors. The objective here is to relieve or ease the patients’ pain, reduce recovery time so the patient can go home soon, and avoid invasive procedures and these methods are given in addition to the manual physiotherapy and constant and regular updating of the patients’ with latest techniques.


They treat musculo-skeletal conditions, lack of joint mobility, functional recovery, tissue regeneration, rehabilitation and treatment of injuries, injury recovery and pain relief. They offer functional recovery, they treat injuries and muscular and joint conditions, injections of the right medications makes even more effective, they do advanced cell therapy which is also called as regenerative treatment which enhances the regeneration and repair of body tissues. After the treatment, they carry out they undertake clinical diagnosis, an ultrasound examination of the patients in order to optimize the results.

Special Features:

The client or the patient can contact the doctor at the hospital and is easy to do so with the number provided, they can be seen on social networking for professionals such as LinkedIn etc. The patient can request for information without any hindrances, the platelet rich plasma treatment which they specialize in helps in the speedy recovery and regeneration of the tissues and repair of the affected tissue.

Dr. Karin Freitag has the website and blog where the patients and the family members can login to find out more about the treatment. The patient can also give his e mail in order to receive a newsletter from their office; the latest posts will be seen on their website. They focus on the shock wave therapy and the platelet therapy which are the latest non invasive treatments. In reumatologos Madrid, the treatment received can be considered holistic and a condition of tratamiento tendinitis the treatment has proven to be effective in many patients. Do not suffer the pain anymore and contact Dr. Karin Freitag soon.

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