Non Health Reasons for Quitting Smoking

Health reasons or ill effects of smoking on health and well being of the smoker is the main reason for quitting smoking. But there are also other reasons to quit smoking, other than health reasons, and these non health reasons may become the main motivation for quitting smoking, at least in some smokers. The important non health reasons of quitting smoking include money (most likely the major nor health reason), family, physical benefits, reproduction etc.


This is probably the most important reason many smokers want to quit and next only to health reason. The financial burden smoking can cause can be substantial, especially to the poor and middle class and theses days of global financial recession and economic slowdown. For example, a pack of cigarettes cost approximately $5, and if you smoke a pack every day, it is $150 a month and $1800 a year, going up in smoke, a substantial amount to be considered. There are also other financial burdens of smoking, such as higher health insurance premium, and higher risk of illness, which will cost you (the smoker) dear.

The amount of money spent per year by average smoker can buy many things such as a holiday trip or costly electronic gadgets such as laptop, mobile phone etc. You can even go to a cruise with one money which is spent in a year for smoking.


The days are gone when smoking was considered “cool stuff”. You should be aware that your smoking cause passive smoking for your near and dear ones, friend and relatives and most importantly your children. Passive smokers are at greater risk of ill health effects of smoking than the smoker as they are not accustomed to nicotine. If you are a women, who wants to conceive or pregnant, for the sake of your child you should quit smoking, as the children of smoker mother are at greater risk of health problems.

Physical benefits of not smoking:

There are several physical benefits of not smoking, such as sparkling white teeth, no smell of cigarettes from breath and cloths.


All smokers should be know that smoking is one of the common cause of infertility. If you are smoker and infertile the first thing your doctor will advise is to quit smoking. Smokers (males) have lower sperm count, as well as higher abnormal sperms or dead sperms than non smokers. Women smokers have lesser chance to conceive, and higher chances of miscarriages during pregnancy, than non smokers.

The list of reasons to quit smoking is much longer than discussed here. If you are trying to quit smoking, you should try to find a strong reason to quit smoking and get motivated. Smoke free life have much better quality.

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