My New Year Resolution For My Health

Today on the New Year (2012) day everybody (well almost everybody) makes a resolution to follow for the year and to be followed for coming years too. The year 2011 was eventful year and ended. The New Year should bring hope and prosperity to everybody’s life. Prosperity, not only financial prosperity, but it should be in the health of individuals too.

My New Year resolution on health is to “eat healthier” and adapt a healthier eating habit (as I already have healthy eating habit). I already eat healthy which I will make healthier. You may ask why a choose “eat healthy” resolution, because many individuals make New Year resolution to exercise regularly (such as jogging or walking or joining gym) in the coming year and remain fit and healthy.

I know exercise is important for remaining fit and healthy. But your good health starts with eating well and healthy foods. Unless we eat healthy, doing regular exercise will not help much, but eating healthy can keep you fit even if you ignore exercise, so eating healthy is better that doing regular exercise (if you are given an option of selecting only one, out of two, either eat healthy or exercise). For example, if you are doing regular exercise but you eat lots of butter, ghee, cheese, red meat and other unhealthy foods in large quantity daily, you can not remain fit and healthy for long. You will end p with cardiovascular health problems such as heart diseases.

Eating healthy is the beginning of healthy life and healthy lifestyle begins by eating healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. In my “eat healthy” New Year resolution, I plan to avoid processed and refined foods, especially fast foods, add fruits in daily food, increase the quantity of vegetables I eat and reduce the quantity of rice (whole grain rice is my staple food) I eat by approximately 10%. By consuming 10% less rice I and replacing this with fresh vegetables and fruits I can reduce calorie consumption by 100-150 calories per day, which will help me to maintain bodyweight in ideal range, with a BMI of approximately 20.

I am sure all my esteemed readers of this Health Blog have made their New Year resolution for the year 2012. But I think we all should make New Year resolution on HEALTH too.

What is your New Year resolution for your health for 2012?

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