Mucus Coughs and how to Treat Them

If you have a persistent cough that never seems to clear and go away, it can be cumulatively exhausting. As you have a lot of mucus that is congested in the airways and chest area, it makes sleeping difficult at night as you’ll frequently have coughing bouts. A chronic cough can be irritating during the daytime, too, as it can interrupt conversations and hold you up in the middle of a task.ID-10076028

Surprisingly, though, a lot of people put up with a persistent cough and don’t seek treatment for it. It can feel as though it’s a small thing to bother a doctor with, so people don’t tend to have a check-up unless they have other symptoms of illness.

A persistent cough is usually a mucus cough, which can have various causes. It may be that you have an infection of the airways, allergies, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or asthma. Each of these conditions will be treated differently, so it’s essential to get a proper diagnosis before any medication can be subscribed.

However, there are different non-drug treatments which can help reduce an excess of mucus – which exacerbates a persistent cough, as the cough is really your body trying to expel or deal with the build-up of mucus. There is plenty of treatment advice on persistent cough from and you can also try a few home remedies to ease the symptoms of a persistent cough.

For instance, you could do some steam inhalation with some essential oils in boiling water to help loosen mucus that has congested on your chest. This will make the mucus easier to expel, and help to soothe your airways temporarily from the constant coughing. Drinking plenty of fluids can also thin congested mucus so that when you do cough, you can spit out the mucus rather than it remaining lodged in your throat. If at any time you notice blood is present in the mucus you expel, you should seek medical advice immediately as this can be an indication of a serious health condition.

Dealing with a mucus cough is a proactive step towards better health – make a start on clearing that cough today!

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