Mom’s Guide in Getting the Best Stroller in 2017

A stroller is one of the baby products that is, used often. Baby strollers are of different shapes, fabrics, and sizes. Some come with every feature that anyone can imagine. Some strollers can be used for any terrain while others cannot. Others are lightweight, easy-to-handle, sturdy and much more. That’s why getting one can be overwhelming especially for first-time parents. 

The sales person in most stores would explain the features of every stroller or sports equipments like trampolines. They might convince you to buy the most expensive equipments that they have. There are high chances that they won’t ask what you want.

Tips for getting the best stroller

Getting a stroller involves considering safety first. The decision of getting one should be based on how you intend to use it, the features and how comfortable it is for both you and the baby. You also need to balance the perfect stroller and your budget.

Here are the things you should look into before getting a stroller.

1. Safety

You should check the safety features of the stroller. These features include;

  • Pinch points that the baby can jam the toes or fingers, avoid strollers that make the baby stuck most of the time.
  • Harness cushions that make the baby comfortable.
  • Five point system on the harness that ensures that the baby is strapped on well.

Apart from the safety features above, check out for wheel locking system or brakes. Sometimes you might want to stop to do something or two, and the wheel should be locked.

2. Usage

Depending on the lifestyle, you should consider how you use the stroller;

  • For road walks – find strollers with air-filled wheels and good shock absorbers. You should also consider a stroller that is cushioned well. The stroller might end up to be bulkier, but it should keep the baby well cushioned.
  • Trips to the mall – a stroller that is compact and can fold easily is ideal for shopping trips to a mall. The stroller should also fit into a car boot.

3. Features

Different people prefer different features.

  • Seating – different stroller models or brand have a different seat cushioning. Consider foam seats and deep seats. These seats make the stroller pleasurable.
  • Seat position – some strollers have a sitting position that the baby faces the parent while others have the one that the baby see the path that is ahead. Some have the flexibility to change the sitting positions while others don’t. If you want the baby to face you, then consider the one that has that sitting position.
  • Snack tray – sometimes you ought to feed the baby while out, and snack tray can be useful in these cases. This feature enables your child to self-feed or being fed.
  • Other accessories – strollers have accessories such as rain cover, sun canopy, iPod holder, parent tray, pockets, speakers, wind cover, extendable handlebar, storage basket, etc. Have a list of all the accessories you need and choose a stroller that has most of the accessories.
  • Folding system – if you ride alone with your baby, consider a stroller that can be folded down with one hand since you will need to hold your baby with the other hand. The stroller should also be lightweight for you to carry it in the boot of a car.

4. Comfort:

When you have established that the stroller is safe for your baby, you should be comfortable while pushing it. To make sure that you get a stroller that is comfortable for you;

  • Check the handlebars if they are strong and have good grip by pushing the stroller around.
  • Test the maneuverability around turns and twist and ensure that they are good. Check also if the brakes are readily available.
  • Check for flexibility of the hood and seat positions. Also, check for the stroller’s weight. These things are crucial in the overall comfort ability.
  • Strollers are available as a whole travel system. If you want the whole travel system, consider all the safety features.

5. Number of babies

If you have two or more children, then you will need a stroller that can accommodate them. Some strollers are designed for twins but can be used even when you have two young children who are not twins. You need to consider a stroller that is lightweight, and that is made from high-quality materials. The strollers should have a heavy duty frame and good braking system. It should also have a wheel lock for safety. Consider these factors if you want the best stroller for twins.

Test drive

When you have considered all the options above, place the baby in the stroller and test the ride just like you would test a car. Check for reviews online. Avoid strollers with negative feedback. You can also consider some of the strollers that your close friends or family members have for their baby.

Consider checking for stroller’s callbacks. Manufacturers of strollers with major safety issues usually do callbacks internationally. If a stroller has been called back, then it is recommended to look for other models.

A stroller is a best friend for parents since life is made easier and also teaches a child to enjoy outdoors with comfort and independence. These tips will make it easier for you to get the best stroller.


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