Management of Edema

If you have mild form of edema, most likely it will disappear on its own without any medication, especially if you take certain precautions such as raising your edematous legs. Severe form of edema may require medications such as diuretics (that remove fluid through urine) commonly used is furosemide (brand name Lasix, also known commonly as water pill). If you repeatedly suffer from edema, most likely you have some underlying medical condition for edema. In such cases, the underlying medical condition need to be treated adequately for long-term benefit. If edema is due to medication, that need to be withdrawn. If your edema is due to other medical condition such as congestive heart failure, than it need to be

What home remedies are available for edema?

There are various home remedies and lifestyle measures that can help relieve symptoms of edema, such as

  • Keep using the muscles and body parts that is affected by edema. Frequent movement of edematous area helps in reducing edema. Ask your doctor if you need certain exercise to prevent/reduce edema.
  • Reduce salt intake. This is not only useful for hypertension, but also for reducing edema. Salt increase risk of edema by increasing osmotic pressure of blood and retention of more fluid in blood leading to higher risk of edema.
  • If you have edema in lower limb, keep that part elevated, especially during sleeping to reduce edema. Elevation of edematous part help in venous drainage and reduce edema, at least symptomatically.
  • Use elastic stockings in the affected area to reduce edema. Pressure exerted by elastic stockings help improve venous return and reduce edema.
  • Edematous area is at risk of infection, ulcer formation, crack and injury. Hence, it is important to keep the area clean, moisturized and protected from external injury. Wear protective clothing or cover the edematous area.
  • Sometimes massaging the edematous area by stroking it toward heart by firm (but not painful) pressure helps in removing the excess fluid from the area and reduce edema.

All the above measures should be taken, if necessary only after consulting your doctor. Never do these without consulting your doctor, because they may cause harm.


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