Mahir Reiss: Using Physical Therapy to Come Back from Shoulder Injury

Mahir Reiss: Using Physical Therapy to Come Back from Shoulder Injury

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Mahir Reiss: Using Physical Therapy to Come Back from a Shoulder Injury

, Mahir Reiss: Using Physical Therapy to Come Back from a Shoulder InjuryMahir Reiss is a physical therapist who owns and operates his own practice in San Diego, California. Each day, Dr. Reiss treats a range of clients; some are recovering from sports injuries, while others have suffered from illness or are trying to bounce back from surgery. Over his 35 years of experience in the field, Dr. Reiss has helped a significant number of patients recover from shoulder injuries. Here are his thoughts on how a physical therapy regimen can benefit those dealing with a shoulder problem.

The range of motion in your shoulder makes it the most flexible joint in your entire body. Whenever you move your arm, you move your shoulder as well, whether you’re aware of it or not. This is why shoulder injuries are particularly devastating. Unfortunately, this type of injury can happen to an individual of any age.

Recovering from a shoulder problem can take weeks or months. As you work on moving past the injury, a physical therapist can help you restore the flexibility and mobility in your shoulder, while simultaneously relieving pain that you may experience as a result of the injury. The practitioner will work to heal the tissues and strengthen the muscles during your sessions.

Shoulder problems have a number of causes, including regular wear and tear, as well as aging or physical activities. Individuals who frequently use their shoulders in a repetitive motion may also fall victim to this type of affliction. This means that painters or musicians are susceptible. Typical signs and symptoms of a shoulder injury include: pain, inflammation, and weakness in the area.

As you work to recover from a shoulder injury, you’ll partner with a physical therapist on a list of exercises that strive to meet the following goals:

  • Ease pain and swelling that’s occurring in that area
  • Restore flexibility and mobility
  • Improve strength
  • Boost motor control

Exercises will focus on stretching, balance, and strengthening techniques. At the beginning of the recovery process, it’s essential to perform these exercises gently and with caution, so as to avoid further aggravating the problem or worsening it. This is why it’s essential to seek the help of a licensed physical therapist, who can guide you safely through the process of rehabilitation.

Some tips to consider as you begin your physical therapy regimen include:

  • Use a warm compress prior to performing exercises
  • After your session is complete, ice the affected area in order to decrease swelling and speed up the healing process
  • If an exercise causes pain or aching, immediately stop performing this movement and let your physical therapist know

In order to promote healing, it’s important to avoid movements that will worsen your condition. For example, when you need to reach something in the backseat of your car, use your whole body to grasp the item instead of using your arm to stretch back and grab it. It’s important to remain conscious of your actions as you move through the rehabilitation process. If you forget about your injury, you may act in a way that worsens it without even realizing it.

Mahir Reiss is a physical therapist who frequently helps patients recover from injury, surgery, and illness. Mahir Reiss encourages clients to seek the help of a professional physical therapist when they’re hoping to regain range of motion and strength in an injured body part.

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