Laser Hair Removal: Keep These in Mind

ID-100202723Always get laser hair removal done at doctor’s clinic. Make sure to check credentials of the doctor performing the procedure and if it is done by a licensed nurse, make sure it is done under direct supervision of a qualified doctor. It is best to avoid spas and other facilities offering laser hair removal. If you decide to use laser hair removal you should follow certain things, such as,

  • Avoid exposure to direct sun. If you get exposed to sun and get a tan, it may increase risk of side effects of laser hair removal. If you get a tan (due to sun exposure or due to use of some sunless tanning product), it is best to wait till the tan goes away, before undergoing laser hair removal. Sometime your doctor may recommend you not to get exposed to sun for few weeks before going for laser hair removal.
  • Avoid other hair removal procedures before using laser hair removal, such as waxing, electrolysis etc. Because these procedures may modify hair follicles and interfere with outcome of laser hair removal.

What result you can expect from laser hair removal?

The outcome of laser hair removal vary from person to person, depending on certain aspects such as area of treatment (body or face), expertise of the performing doctor, and also every person is different and the result of a procedure may not be same for different individuals. Also the skin color and hair color also make a difference. Laser hair removal gives best result among fair skin individuals with dark hair. It may not be effective among blacks and blondes.

Laser hair removal provide long term benefit for many users. However, despite laser hair removal hair regrowth is possible. For sustained result multiple treatment sessions may have to be performed. Four to six treatment sessions may have to be done for best results with six weeks apart. Afterward to maintain the result, the procedure may have to be repeated every 6 months to one year, as long as result is desired.

Should you use home lasers?

In recent years, lasers that can be used for hair removal at home are available. If you have doubt about use of these home lasers and their effectiveness, you should keep in mind that USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) considers these home lasers as cosmetic device and not medical device. Which means they do not get scrutinized like other medical devices. Hence, it is up to you to decide if you want to use cosmetic laser hair removal at home by yourself or medical laser hair removal at your doctor’s clinic by your trained doctor. There is also no large and long term study regarding effectiveness and safety of home based laser hair removal.


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