Know Anthrax

Know Anthrax

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Know Anthrax

Anthrax is an acute illness (disease) caused by bacteria Bacillus anthracis. Anthrax affects animals as well as humans and it is zoonotic disease (transmitted from animals to human under natural condition). Examples of other zoonotic diseases are rabies, plague, brucellosis, endemic typhus, bovine tuberculosis, salmonellosis, Kayasanur Forest disease, Lassa fever, monkey pox etc. Anthrax has gained attention of the world due to high risk (with some incidences of attacks using anthrax germs) of use of anthrax spores in biological weapons, especially by terrorists. Anthrax is one of the most suitable organisms for producing biological or germ weapon.

Anthrax is lethal to humans as well as to animals, but generally responds well to appropriate antibiotics for treatment. Like other bacillus, B. anthracis can form endospores (commonly known as “spores”) which can remain dormant and can survive harsh environmental condition for decades and even centuries and become active again when the environmental conditions become favorable for growth of the bacteria. The spores can be found in Antarctica. If these spores are inhaled, they germinate and grow rapidly and these spores are used for producing biological weapons.

Nowadays anthrax is a rare disease due to extensive animal vaccination program, sterilization of raw animal waste materials in combination with anthrax eradication programs in several regions of the world (North America, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Europe, and parts of Africa and Asia). At present only a handful of anthrax cases are reported every year.

What is the mode of transmission of anthrax?

The most common mode of transmission of anthrax is by inhalation. Naturally diseased animals (with anthrax) transmit the disease to humans by direct contact (e.g. inoculation of bacilli directly into blood or body fluid through broken skin) or by ingestion of diseased animal’s meat.

Animals (wild and domestic) mostly herbivorous mammals get infected with anthrax by inhalation or ingestion of spores while grazing and carnivores get infected by eating the flesh of infected animals.

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