Know About Various Types of Hair Removal

Know About Various Types of Hair Removal

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Know About Various Types of Hair Removal

Almost everybody use hair removal as part of grooming and beauty routine. Males as well as females use hair removal. Depending on the part of the body, you may use different types of hair removal procedures. You may be using hair removal every day and want to get rid of hairs permanently from some body parts, so that you have more time in the morning. Some of the commonly used hair removal procedures are,

Hair removal by Shaving:

This is very commonly used hair removal procedure. A razor is used for shaving, which cuts the hairs at the skin level or just below skin level. There is popular myth regarding shaving, that shaving cause thicker hairs, which is totally wrong. Hair looks thicker after shaving, because the cut ends are thick, in compare to unshaven hairs. Unshaven hairs, when grow, become tapered at the end, which makes the hairs look less thick.

Shaving lasts for 1-3 days only and you may have to shave every day. Best part of shaving is, it is simple and can be used for hair removal in any part of the body. Possible side effects include, cut injury and in-grown hairs.

Hair removal by Waxing:

In waxing, sticky wax is spread over the skin and when dry, the layer of wax is quickly pulled, which causes hairs to get uprooted. Advantages of waxing are longer lasting (3-6 weeks) effect, and it can be used on any areas of skin. Possible disadvantages of wax include, possible infection of hair follicles, bumps and redness of skin etc. The risk of infection is reduced if you use wax regularly.

Hair removal by Tweezing:

With the help of tweezers, individual hairs are pulled by the root. Possible side effect is ingrown hair, if the hair breaks while pulling. Tweezing is best for small areas of face, where unwanted hairs grow, which you want to remove.

Hair removal by laser light or pulsed light:

Root of hairs are destroyed by use of laser or strong beams of light. Hair removal by laser light or pulsed light is one of the best for permanent hair removal. The result may be permanent hair removal, although it may take 6-12 sittings. Sometimes you may have to use it once or twice a year, after initial treatment. Possible side effects include, risk of burns, and scars.

Hair removal by electrolysis:

In this procedure individual hair follicles are destroyed by electric current, using a small needle. This need expert technician and supervision. Because individual hairs are targeted, the procedure is time consuming, hence suitable for hair removal of small areas. You may also need to use it for several months, every 2 weeks to get result.

Creams for hair removal:

There are several over-the-counter creams available for hair removal. Hair removal creams or lotions act by dissolving the protein that makes up the hair. The advantages of using hair removal cream is the easy availability and easy to use. Anyone can use hair removal cream. However, one should be careful while using hair removal cream, because it works by dissolving protein of hairs, which can dissolve protein of skin too and should not be left for long.

If you use any procedure for hair removal, use with caution, because one method does not suit all and for all the areas of skin. Select hair removal product or procedure carefully.

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