Know about Skin Tags

Know about Skin Tags

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Know about Skin Tags

Skin tags are harmless growth in any part of the body where skin is present. Skin tags are called Cutaneous Papilloma or Acrochordons in medical term and commonly seen in adults, including healthy adults. Presence of skin tags does not cause any health problem, but if skin tags are present over some parts of the body, such as face or other exposed area, it may cause cosmetic problem. As skin tags are harmless the main reason of treatment or skin tag removal is for cosmetic purpose. If skin tags are present in an area, which is generally kept covered with cloths, treatment may not be required.

Skin tags are actually growth in the skin, which appear as projection or hanging from skin. The color of the skin tags or skin projections is usually flesh color or the same color as that of the skin. Although skin tags are called Cutaneous Papilloma, they are harmless and benign and even if left untreated they do not turn malignant or cause harm to health. Removal of skin tags is purely cosmetic purpose as it does no harm.

Skin tags generally do not cause any symptoms (other than awkward presence of skin growth). Skin tags are benign growth of skin and never turn malignant. In case of injury or friction/rubbing skin tags may cause irritation, pain or discomfort.

Treatment of skin tags:

Skin tags are treated by removing them surgically or by some other procedure and the main reason of treatment of skin tags is cosmetic (not for health reason). The skin tags can be removed by different methods such as removing the skin tags surgically by cutting, burning or freezing (called cryotherapy, which is done by producing extreme cold which cause sloughing of the frozen part). Surgical removal or cutting is done under local anesthesia.

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