Know About Laser Resurfacing of Skin

Know About Laser Resurfacing of Skin

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Know About Laser Resurfacing of Skin

What is laser resurfacing of skin?

Laser resurfacing of skin is a skin resurfacing procedure where laser is used mainly for cosmetic purpose (such as improving appearance of skin by removing fine facial lines, improving skin tone and even it can be used for improving complexion after sun damage or due to scar) and also to correct/treat minor skin flaws (such as wrinkles, fine lines, poor, skin tone, sun damage of skin, scar marks etc.) in face. However, one should also understand that there are limitations in laser resurfacing and it cannot correct all facial flaws. It is important to understand the risks, side effects and possible benefits of laser resurfacing before going for it.

Two types of lasers may be used in laser resurfacing,

  • Ablative laser also known as wounding laser and removes thin layers of skin
  • Non-ablative laser also known as non-wounding laser, this type of laser help in improving skin tone by stimulating collagen growth and by tightening underlying skin.

The second type or non-ablative laser resurfacing is less invasive and recovery time after its use is short. But the effectiveness in managing various skin problem is also low with non-ablative laser resurfacing in compare to ablative laser resurfacing. Which type you want to use should be decided after understanding potential risks and benefits or both types and after consulting your treating doctor. If you want less risk and can accept comparatively lower results, and do not have time for recovery, you should go for non-ablative laser resurfacing. However, if you want only best result and can accept delay in recovery time and ready to accept certain possible side effects, you can opt for ablative laser resurfacing.

Why laser resurfacing is done?

Laser resurfacing can be used for,

  • Wrinkles, especially in face
  • To improve skin tone and texture if tone or texture is uneven. This procedure cannot correct sagging skin.
  • Removing scar marks due to injury, acne, chickenpox etc.
  • To treat sun damaged skin
  • To treat age spots or liver spots.

The choice of laser type (non-ablative laser or ablative laser) depends on the problem you want to use laser resurfacing of skin for and also your choice and finally opinion of your doctor. Decide if you need laser resurfacing of skin and what type of laser to be used for best outcome.


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