Keep Aging at Bay with HGH Therapy for Men

HGH, or the human growth hormone, is produced in the pituitary gland. It is the main hormone responsible for the growth and regrowth or the cells in our bodies. Its role is vital for children and young adults, but it continues to influence numerous body functions even after the body is fully developed. For men, this hormone is particularly important in staying healthy and fit. Unfortunately, the HGH levels start dropping with old age. However, nowadays, there is a solution which can diminish some of the normal aging symptoms of men. Keep on reading to understand how the HGH hormone affects a male’s life, what are the symptoms of low HGH levels and how these symptoms can be fought.

Understanding the human growth hormone

The pituitary gland is small, bean sized gland, found at the base of your brain. This tiny gland starts working at night, producing the vital HGH hormone. HGH is actually a polypeptide formed of 191 amino acids. These polypeptide flows into the bloodstream, binding cell surface receptors. It impacts numerous systems, such as the immune system or the cardiovascular system. It even binds the brain cell receptors, particularly those responsible for learning and memory. This is why children and young adult have an easier time learning new things and staying focused, whereas older people deal with numerous cognitive challenges.

The role of the HGH for men

While this hormone is vital for both men and women, for men it has specific functions. It actually impacts some of the functions that make men feel and look manly. In other words, it is responsible for muscle mass, body fat distribution, bone density, libido and sexual performance.

Recognize the symptoms of low HGH

A low level of HGG can significantly decrease a man’s quality of life. The most frequent symptoms are reduced muscle mass, reduced strength, lethargy, low sex drive, weak sexual performance, weight gain, anxiety and even depression. Many of these symptoms can also be associated with low testosterone levels. The production of both HGH and testosterone decreases with old age, and it is important to get tested for both of these hormones, to know which is the real problem. For fast and accurate tests, go to GameDay Men’s Health. The tests will only take 20 minutes of your time, after which you will consult with a team of experts to develop a personalized treatment plan. GameDay Men’s Health provides the best low testosterone and low HGH San Diego therapies.


Nowadays, there are two ways to treat low HGH levels. First of all, there is synthetic HGH. This treatment is rather controversial as it has numerous side effects. It is more efficient and it has quicker results, but it is only used for people with serious health problems. For anti-aging and wellness treatments, the best solution is HGH peptides.

HGH peptide therapy has been used for decades to prevent aging in men. It is a more natural and safer way to boost HGH levels. Basically, these peptides are a way of tricking the body into thinking that it needs to produce higher levels of the human growth hormone. The most efficient peptides known to science are Ibutamoren and Sermorelin.

This type of therapy is a great way to shave a few years off your body. The main benefits of HGH therapy are increased sex drive, improved sexual performance, improved strength, more vitality, a boosted metabolism, younger skin, an improved mood, better memory, improved focus, and an overall revitalized health.

Unlike synthetic HGH, the peptide therapy is a lot safer and it involves less side effects. If you go to a reputable clinic like GameDay Men’s Health, you will be provided with a personalized treatment plan, and you will have access to the safest and most advanced treatment options. You can also count on the clinic’s staff to treat you like a team member and answer all your questions and proffesionally address all your concerns.

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