Is Your Office Good For You?

In offices across North America, there is a major shift underway.  Once considered only places of business, the modern office is now catering to the health, wellness and overall betterment of employees and communities.

Not so long ago, offices were the home of the 9 to 5 workforce.  However, over the last decade as the office began to shift to include a more diverse schedule, and even telecommuters, the demands of office culture began to shift as well.

When it comes to fostering the best office culture, few people will dispute that Google is in many ways leading the way.  With free meals, customizable work spaces, recreational activities and a plethora of other perks, Google has reimagined office culture, and in doing so, has sparked a revolution across the continent.

“We’re trying to push the boundaries of the workplace,” said Google spokesman, Jordan Newman. “To create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world.”

Google is onto something too. The creative workplace that Google has created is often a top the lists of best workplaces with a truly dedicated workforce.

In an effort to harness what Google has created, a number of companies in both Canada and U.S. have begun implementing an array of office programs and initiatives to spark creativity, foster a more harmonious and healthy office culture, and show employees and staff that they are valuable members of a larger team. If your office is in UK, try using uk office cleaning services such as Ideal cleaning, as they are able to come in on a regular schedule and complete deep cleans. This will create an overall more healthy, positive working environment for your employees

Office Yoga and Exercise

Bringing the ancient art of yoga and the modern office together is the latest trend in office culture initiatives. As the name implies, office yoga involves stretches and breathing exercises that are performed in the office space.

Facilitated by a certified yoga practitioner like those at Office Yoga, the weekly sessions, which are conducted in the office consist of “sequences are specifically designed to create mental clarity and efficiency, as well as alleviate chonirc symptoms that occur from sitting,” notes the website.

While office yoga is one of the most popular recent trends, the idea of infusing exercise into the office is a fantastic way to get some physical fitness into a busy day.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, “in 2015, adults spent almost 9 hours at work or doing related activities in the typical day, significantly more time than all other activities, including sleeping.”

Creativity Consultants

Today’s cutting edge companies like Google thrive on the creativity ingenuity of their employees. However, nurturing, facilitating and rewarding creativity often remains low on company agendas.

Creative consultants are helping corporate executives find the value in fostering an environment of creativity. Working in several key areas that can benefit from an influx of creative talent, creativity consultants like Toronto’s Jeff Melanson from Creative Change Management Consulting are working with companies to better implement the power of creative ingenuity.

Jeff Melanson, who has worked in Canada’s arts community for more than two decades, offers a unique perspective when it comes to adding creative value to the business world.

“Whether it’s city planning working with organizational leaders or finding innovative ways to integrate creativity into  product and service development there are few areas in business that aren’t elevated and bettered by the addition of creative thinking and resourcefulness,” said Melanson.

Office Wellness Management

Another byproduct of our hectic work lives is the extended work day.  Many of us are working far beyond the standard 8 hour work day, doing company research, responding to emails or meeting with clients outside the regular 9 to 5 work hours.

While this has added to the productivity of many companies, it is taking a toll on mental and physical wellness. To help employees keep their mental and personal health in check, a number of companies have begun to hire wellness coaches and consultants.

Offering advice and tips to make a health and wellness a priority in the office, wellness coaches can assess areas in which more emphasis can be placed on balancing employee health.

Workplace Wellness 101, a program facilitated by Kelly Wellness Consulting is specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses who desire a customized workplace wellness program.

The intensive wellness program offered by Kelly Wellness, first assess employee and organizational wellness. From there, a workplace wellness policy is developed. Employees are then brought on board through a series of “Lunch and Learns”.

The firm then regularly visits the workplace to provide support and tailored tools, a company branded wellness newsletter is also created.

Whether your company hires a wellness coach, a yoga practitioner, or a creative consultant, there are a variety of ways to boost employee morale, and create a workplace as exciting and thrilling to work in as the ones Google has carefully crafted.


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