Important Facts About Protein Supplements

Dietary supplements, especially protein supplements (as well as supplements containing vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients) are commonly used for bodybuilding, weightlifting and athletics. Dietary supplements are marketed as replacement for meals, as weight gain products, as weight loss products, for enhancing endurance in sports, for bodybuilding etc. Supplements generally contains vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids, glutamine, amino acids, creatine etc. and generally available as powder, tablets and liquid forms. Billions of dollar worth dietary supplements are sold worldwide every year.

Protein supplements are one of the most commonly used dietary supplements. If you are thinking about it, try top protein supplements, so that you do not repent later after using it. Protein supplements are used for weight loss, improving muscle mass (for bodybuilders, endurance sportspersons and athletes).

Why do people use protein powder instead of other natural foods products?

There are various reasons for using protein supplements, instead of using meat, poultry, fish and other proteins rich natural food items. They are,

  • Convenience (no need to cook or other lengthy preparation, you need to only mix with water or milk or it is available ready to drink).
  • Cost effectiveness. Protein powder may be cheaper compare for meat, fish products
  • Consuming natural food products may also lead to concurrent consumption of fats and carbohydrates, which need to be avoided for optimal result in building muscle mass.
  • Protein supplements provide high concentration of protein required for building muscle mass, which may not be available in natural food products.

What are the possible (side effects) problems that may be encountered while taking protein supplements?

There are lots of reported side effects associated with protein supplements. USFDA repots approximately 50,000 health problems (side effects) every year, due to dietary supplements consumption. Possible side effects and health problems associated with supplements, include,

  • Liver problem, including liver damage, requiring even liver transplantation and even leading to death. However, many experts argue that much more liver damage occurs due to prescription drugs that dietary supplements intake.
  • Some dietary and protein supplements may contain various unwanted substances, such as N,alpha-diethylphenylethylamine (a methamphetamine analog), that may cause serious health problem. This type of unwanted ingredients should be strictly controlled by authorities to prevent health hazards due to supplements.
  • Many experts argue that there is no specific scientific evidence of effectiveness of using supplements.

So, what should you do?

It is up to you the consumer to decide. Learn about dietary supplements as much as you can, from reliable sources that provide neutral information about supplements and decide for yourself whether to go for it or not. An inform decision is the best for you.


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