How to Protect Your Health From High Temperature

happyThe new Sigelei 150 TC is a very advanced temperature control box model. It makes use of the best and latest technology and its excellent mechanics help it to do its job in the most effective manner possible. If you are a cloud chaser or if you are a vaper then this device will take vaping to an altogether new height. It has a maximum power output of 150 watts for the power mode. It also has a maximum power output of 100 Joules for temperature control mode.

The Sigelei 150 TC temperature control box mod is the very first of its kind to make use of 100 Joules for Ni200 wire in temperature control. The nice thing is that this device preheats almost instantly on the nickel wire. It also makes use of specialized battery contacts that along with its special contact pin ensures that the toppers sit exactly right with the device.

Redesigned as well as updated model

The latest Sigelei 150 TC is both redesigned as well as updated and it is sold with a number of enhancements on both the inside as well as outside. Thanks to a special battery cover that slides out changing the batteries will not pose any difficulty at all. However, since the device packs real power it is important for you to make sure that the batteries do not have less than 30A continuous discharge amp ratings.

Firing button

This device like others from Siegel comes with a nice firing button. Along with this firing button the device also has tinier adjustment buttons as well as a nice LED screen. All in all this device is not only very powerful and impressive but it is also much better than its earlier models. Its new design and features make this one of the most popular and much-in-demand electronic/vaping devices that you can buy on the market these days.

It is constructed along the lines of the very popular 150W mod. The box is truly revolutionary and design and finish make it a very attractive device indeed. Its temperature control functionalities are second to none and along with a number of safety features as well as 150 watts of power all help to make this a very useful device indeed. Its batteries provide it with all the power that it needs and this mod is quite like the original 150W mod. It is a box mod that has passed the test of time and is a best seller in different parts of the world. If all that you need is a box that delivers then this is the one that you should go for. Its temperature controls work with utmost accuracy.

Special features

The Sigelei 150 TC comes with a number of special features including:

  • Controlling temperature very exactly and accurately
  • The battery door can be operated magnetically
  • Nice OLED display
  • Inbuilt safety features
  • Strong and standard connection

People who have bought the Sigelei 150 TC say that it is the right mod for them. They are also pleased that the device exactly as required. It also comes with many standard features including reverse polarity protection and warning when the temperature rises too high.

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