How to Prevent Snoring: Tips To Have A Better Sleep

Do you know that snoring may cause problems for every couple when one of them snores loudly? At times they don’t even realize that they affect the quality sleep of their bedtime partner.

According to the survey of the United Kingdom about the “Snoring and Breathing Pauses During Sleep.” 40% of the population snores more often; approximately, 25% of women and 45% of men snore regularly.

On the other hand, most people ignore snoring, and sometimes just laugh at it. But the truth is, snoring is not a sleep problem that can be overlooked. Snoring plays a telling sign in terms of health,if this is not addressed, it may lead to some serious health problems.

Why? Since the snorer lessens the quality and quantity of their sleep, most of the time they feel irritated and sensitive. They may even feel depressed, lose their concentration, lose weight and can lead to death at times.

Why Do I Snore?

Snoring is a common sleep disorder which most people experience. Snoring happens when you’re breathing becomes obstructed. Meanwhile, the annoying sound is the result of the vibration of your tissues in the airways.

A snorer usually have soft tissues inside the mouth which is prone to vibration during sleep. Also, one of the reasons that prompts snoring is the position of the tongue which can obstruct the way to breathe smoothly.

Since many people encounter snoring due to all sorts of reasons, it is essential to know what is the root cause of snoring. Once you understand the reason, you can easily find the appropriate solutions for you and your partner to have quality sleep every single night.

Causes of Snoring

Many people don’t even realize what triggers their snore. Snoring has a variety of causes which can increase the volume of snore overtime. In the list below are the most common causes of snoring:

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Sinus and Nasal congestion problems
  • Overweight
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking
  • Age
  • Pregnancy
  • Inherited Factors
  • Medications
  • Sleep position

Bear in mind that in treating the snore of your bedtime partner or yours, it is crucial to know its root cause. Once you already determined what provokes snoring, you can easily find the right solution to treat it. In that case, both of you and your partner will benefit to it to have a deep and peaceful night sleep!

Tips to have Better Sleep

Not only will snoring give you health problems, but it may also affect the relationship between couples. When your partner snores more often, it may lead to stress and irritation on both sides. As a result,  It will reduce the sexual and emotional intimacy which can lead to sleeping in different room.

However, if you want to have a good night sleep along with your partner, here are some few tips that you can do to prevent you or your partner from snoring.

  • Try to Sleep on your Side

Some people snore because of the sleep position which is laying on their back rather than the side. It can cause the tongue and soft tissues such as the uvula and tonsils  to obstruct in the back of their throat that results into snoring. If you want to stop snoring, you must train yourself to sleep on your side. If it is difficult to keep still and returning to your back position, try to hold a body pillow to avoid it.

  • Reduce your weight!

Another possible cause of snoring is being overweight. We all know that eating is living. But sometimes we tend to overeat that leads to gaining more weight. When you are overweight, it can cause more fatty tissue around the neck area. This will narrow down the airway and makes it difficult for air to flow smoothly during sleep. Being overweight can also lead to the risk of sleep apnoea, which is a more serious sleep disorder than snoring. To keep you away from snoring, you must maintain a healthy weight by eating real food, and exercise to keep an ideal weight.

  • Use Air Humidifier

Air humidifier is a simple option to stop you from snoring. Since dry air is the cause of irritation to your nose and throat membranes, it can result to snoring. However, by using air humidifier, it will produce moisture in the air which can relieve snoring. Remember, maintaining a certain level of humidity may alleviate snoring and other health issues.

  • Eating Pineapple

One of the most effective ways to treat snoring is eating pineapples. We all know that sinuses or nasal problems are linked to snoring because these two can obstruct the airways and may cause hard breathing. Pineapples are the best and natural source of bromelain which is an anti-inflammatory property. As a matter of fact, eating pineapples can lessen the production of mucus which can also help avoid sinuses from coming back.

If you want to give your partner to have a good night sleep, try considering the list above. This will not only give you the idea on what you can do to stop snoring, but it will give you knowledge on how you can deal with it effectively!

The Formula of Having A Better Sleep

Snoring is treatable and can be avoided. Whether your objective is to give yourself and your bedtime partner a good night’s sleep, it is truly ideal to be more aware of its causes. Snoring is an easy problem if we don’t overlook it. Those tips above are helpful to stop you from snoring.

As mentioned, snoring can also affect relationships, so, it is better to discuss it with your partner. In that case, you will both resolve it and start the right solution that will help you to tailor a healthy lifestyle and obtain quality sleep!

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