How To Prevent of Neck Pain

How To Prevent of Neck Pain

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How To Prevent of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be troublesome medical condition. Most commonly, neck pain occurs due to wrong posture (during sitting, sleeping or any other activity which is done for long time, such as working on your computer/laptop either at office or at home) and age related wear and tear of the bones of the neck. Age related wear and tear causing neck pain cannot be prevented. However, neck pain due to wrong posture can be prevented to some extent. It is important to keep your head centered over the spine, and this will make gravity work for your neck, instead of working against your neck.

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The following measures may be helpful in preventing neck pain, to some extent:, How To Prevent of Neck Pain

  • To prevent wrong posture while working on computer/laptop, either at office or at home, adjust your chair, desk and computer at home as well as at office, to suit your correct posture. Computer monitor should be at your eye level. Chair adjustment should be made in such a way that your knees are slightly lower than your hips. Chair should have armrests and use them comfortably for longer time. Ideally should not use reclining chair. Consult orthopedic surgeon for making your chair orthopedically correct, which can be of great help to prevent neck pain and also many other orthopedic problems related to wrong posture.
  • Take frequent breaks during work or during driving long distance. Instead of working continuously, taking break will make you fresh for your work and also help you prevent neck pain. Do not work continuously at your computer or any other official work, take break frequently. Do not bent your head forward, instead keep your head straight and in line with spine. Which will reduce neck strain and gravity will help you instead of working against your neck.
  • While talking on phone, do not tuck it in between your head and shoulder. If you use phone/mobile frequently and for long, get a headset instead and use it. Tucking phone while talking is risky and soon you will have neck pain, even if you have none.
  • Sleeping posture is equally important in preventing neck pain. Do not sleep in prone position, which put pressure on the neck and lead to neck pain. During sleep, use a pillow of proper height and size for support of natural curve of your neck (at cervical vertebrae level).
  • During work at desk, stretch frequently. Shrug frequently and try to bring your shoulder blades nearer/together and relax. Keep doing this stretching during work for long time. Get up from your seat frequently, to de-stress your muscles and prevent neck pain.
  • During working in the desk, keep your back and neck straight. If you keep bending your back and neck for long time, there is high risk of developing neck pain and back pain.


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