How to Prepare Yourself for Cold Sores, for Appointment with Doctor

Before you consult your doctor for treatment of cold sores (fever blisters), you should be aware of certain aspects about the disease and illness. Cold sore or infection of herpes simplex virus (both type-1 & type-2) resolves by itself in about two weeks duration without any treatment. But you should always consult your doctor, despite knowing that it will resolve by itself without any medical intervention, if you get cold sores. You must consult your doctor (your family physician or general practitioner) if you develop eye discomfort along with cold sore, if you have frequent recurrences of cold sores, if your cold sore is not resolving for long duration (more than usual two weeks) or if you develop severe cold sores.

Before you consult your doctor (general practitioner or your family physician) you should get ready for your appointment with, as what to expect from your doctor and some information which may help you. The following information can help you get ready for your appointment.

Prior information that will help you with your appointment with your doctor:

  • Know about your symptoms (write down if you want, which will help you to remember) of illness, including past history of similar symptoms.
  • Make a list of the medications you are taking at present, for cold sores or for any other illness.
  • Write down your past medical history, if any which is worth mentioning to your doctor.
  • Write down your personal history of your habits and lifestyle, or any change in your life recently.
  • Make a list of questions you want to ask your doctor during appointment.

The following are some questions which you should ask your doctor:

  • Do I really have cold sore?
  • An I contagious and for how long it will last?
  • How to prevent spread of cold sore to others?
  • How long my symptoms will last?
  • What are complications of cold sores and what risk I have?
  • What will help me reduce my symptoms?
  • What can be done to prevent recurrence?

What questions to expect from your doctor?

You can expect your doctor to ask certain questions, that will be useful for diagnosis and treatment of the illness:

  • What are your symptoms and when did they start and how severe are they?
  • Did you have similar sores before this time and if yes, how many times?
  • Did you sense that you are going to get cold sore before sores appeared?
  • Do you have irritation in eyes?
  • Do you think there is anything particular that may trigger sores?
  • Are you pregnant (for young women)?
  • Is there any significant stress or major changes in your life recently?
  • Did you come in contact with anybody with cold sore, at home or at workplace?
  • Have you been treated for the same illness before and what medications were taken and were those effective?
  • Are you at present taking any medications for any other illness, prescription or over-the-counter medications (such as vitamins, herbs, supplements etc.)?

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