How To Prepare For Doctor's Appointment If You Have Male Infertility?

How To Prepare For Doctor's Appointment If You Have Male Infertility?

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How To Prepare For Doctor’s Appointment If You Have Male Infertility?

Infertility is inability to conceive a child by a couple, despite having frequent, unprotected sexual intercourse for a year or longer, and if the cause is due to male partner, it can be termed as male infertility. Infertility (female as well as male infertility) is a complex issue and encompasses different factors; hence need to understand the problem clearly. It is therefore important to have a clear idea about questions your doctor may ask and questions you should ask your doctor regarding your problem, i.e. male infertility.

What questions your doctor may ask you during consultation for male infertility?

The following questions may be asked by your doctor and you should be ready with the right answers for your treatment of male infertility to be successful:

  • Have you ever fathered a child before?
  • What was your age when puberty started in you?
  • Do you have any history of undescended testes?
  • Have you even had sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction (inability to maintain an erection of penis during sexual intercourse), premature ejaculation (ejaculating too soon during sexual act), or any difficulty/disability to ejaculate (may be due to retrograde ejaculation)?
  • Did you undergo surgical operations such as vasectomy, scrotal surgery, hernial operation, or any surgery involving pelvis or abdomen?
  • Do you have any previous history of exposure to toxins, chemicals such as heavy metals, pesticides, radiation etc.?
  • Do you have any addiction to drugs such as cocaine/heroin, anabolic steroid (commonly used for performance enhancement in sports) or marijuana?
  • Do you currently take any medications, including dietary supplements?

What questions you should ask during consultation for male infertility?

You should ask following questions to know clearly about male infertility.

  • What is the most probable cause of my problem of male infertility?
  • What are the other causes that may be affecting me?
  • What type of tests do I need and does my partner also need to undergo certain tests?
  • What is the best treatment option available for me?
  • Do I have any other alternative treatment modalities?
  • What restrictions do I have to follow?
  • Do you have any printed material or brochure that I can read/use to upgrade my understanding about my problem of male infertility?
  • Do you suggest me to check any website regarding my problem?

Do not hesitate to ask any other question you may have in your mind to clear your doubt about male infertility.

To make your appointment more successful you can do following things:

  • Take your partner along with you during the appointment.
  • Write down the medications you are taking at present for any other medical condition. Preferably take the prescriptions along with you.
  • Write about symptoms (if any) you are experiencing or experienced.
  • Find out family history of infertility as well as if you had undescended testes.
  • Write down the questions you would like to ask your doctor during appointment, because you may forget to ask important questions during appointment, if you have not written them beforehand.
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