How To Keep Your Home Clean?

How To Keep Your Home Clean?

We know by now that we need to eat the right foods, need to work out, and do stuff that is healthy for us. Because maintaining good health does not happen by accident, it requires work and smart lifestyle choices. But sometimes when we wake up at 6 am to hit the gym before work or shunning the donuts in breakfast, it’s easy to lose sight of for what are we doing all these. So here are some top articles choices that can keep you motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep diseases at bay.

How To Keep Your Home Clean?

Having a messy and cluttered home has numerous downsides. It attracts mold, germs and other diseases. However, having a clean and tidy home offers nothing but benefits. From the kitchen and bathroom to the bedroom, keeping every surface spic and span will not only keep dirt and grime away, it will also promote your overall wellness., How To Keep Your Home Clean?

Here is why keeping your home clean will keep you healthy:

1) It prevents pest infestations

Apart from enjoying the comforts of a clean home, you will also avoid inviting pests inside the house. Pests and harmful insects

that are attracted by dirt are detrimental to your health. They are known to cause diseases. As such, preventing pest infestations is equal to maintaining good health.

2) It keeps allergens out of your home

Regular cleaning keeps your home dust-free. As such, you will not have to worry about battling allergies. It also makes the

environment welcoming, particularly for anyone with allergies. Pet dander, dust mites and all other kinds of indoor allergies will not have any place in your home.

3) Cleanliness does not trigger diseases

A clean home is free from substances such as lead as well as dangerous gases like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. When lead is

ingested in large doses, it could cause physical impairment. On the other hand, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde and responsible for asthma attacks and even death in severe cases. As such, cleaning will always keep such dangers at bay and allow you to continue enjoying good health.

4) Good for mental health

There is nothing better than sitting back and relaxing in a clean and tidy house. It is obviously difficult and challenging to relax in messy conditions. According to a research, women who have fluttered homes are more depressed and have higher levels of streets hormones. On the other hand, those who live in a clean environment and restful, restorative and enjoy good mental health.

5) Lowers risks of any injuries

Keeping your house clean and organized will save you from the risk of any indoor injuries. Disorganization and scattered working tools, appliances and toys could cause, trips, falls and major injuries. However, a clean home promotes safety and prevents you from coming in contact with anything that is a risk for your health.

How Often Do We Have To Clean Our Houses?

If you get tired at the thought of regularly cleaning your house then it certainly is time to make new cleaning resolutions. Although you may not be wiping down your shower screen every day, house cleaning should be no exception. We find ourselves more relaxed and balanced when living in a clean space.

Here is how often we have to clean our houses:

  1. a) The living room and bedroom

Cleaning frequency: Everyday

The bedroom should have a neat and tidy appearance on a daily basis. The bed should be properly straightened each day and any clutter that has accumulated removed. On the other hand, the living room also needs to maintain the same level of cleanliness. We should tidy up general clutter every day, dust the furniture wipe off fingerprints from the tables and shelves and sweep or mop the floors.

  1. b) The kitchen

Cleaning Frequency: Depends on how much you use it

Kitchens are the most frequently used in the room in the house. They are the single most important place where we cook and eat. Cleaning and tidying up the kitchen should ideally be done on a daily basis but there are individuals who prefer to eat out and rarely go to this part of the house. Therefore, daily cleaning is required if the kitchen is used regularly. Wipe down all counter-tops and stovetops using a mild detergent and use a scrub brush to remove any tough stains. Any spills on the cabinet rocks should also be wiped and the floors should be moped.

  1. c) Refrigerator

Cleaning frequently: Twice every month

Do not wait for spring cleaning to conduct thorough cleaning on your refrigerator. Although you may wipe away light food stains frequently, cleaning should be done on a bi-monthly basis.

  1. d) Microwave

Cleaning Frequency: Every Week

Keeping your microwave splash-free is crucial. Wipe it down once a week and conduct deep cleaning on a monthly basis. Wipe the interior with a sponge using steam or a very mild detergent.

  1. e) Bathroom

Cleaning Frequency: Every Week

Of course, the bathroom and toilet have a reputation of being the dirtiest areas of your home. Thorough clean them on a weekly basis. But if you can, do it twice a week.

  1. f) Carpet

Cleaning Frequency: Every 6-12 months

We hate to break it to you but vacuuming does not count as carpet cleaning. As good indoor air quality is fundamental, deep clean your carpet every 6-12 months to maintain this and keep out any allergens.

Top Cleaning Helpers That You Should Know

Having the right cleaning helper makes all the difference when cleaning your home. Not only are they efficient but they are

also highly effective. Here is a list of the best helpers for home cleaning and how they help clean:

  1. i) Vacuum cleaners

Vacuums work on both hard or soft surface such as carpets floors and upholstery. They thoroughly clean tight spaces, hard to reach places and dirty areas that are located in between your refrigerator and wall.

  1. ii) Robot vacuum cleaners or cleaning drones

These helpers make cleaning a fun and memorable experience. They are hard working machines that take the hustle out of home cleaning. The leave your floors spic and span and can be instructed or controlled using applications. Here you can read more information about best robot vacuum cleaners –

iii)  Extendible dusters

No matter how tall you are, you may find it difficult to get to dirty places on top of your fans or ceilings. These dusters come in handy in all these places.

  1. iv) Floor buffer

This is an electrical appliance that is used to thoroughly clean and maintain non-carpeted floors.

  1. v) Squeegees

Do not underestimate these little cleaning tools. They are a must-have for keeping showers mold-free. They are also a perfect solution

for cleaning window.

  1. vi) Broom, dustpan and mop

These cleaning helpers are the most obvious. They work on hard surfaces such as wood, tile, and linoleum. Dustpans help in quickly

cleaning up any dirt spills.

vii)  Microfiber cloths

These cloths get surfaces clean on their own or with the use of a little water. They do not scratch or leave any streaks behind.

Apart from paper towels, waste containers, toilet brushes, gloves, liquid detergents and other cleaning helpers, these ones will transform your home without much effort.


There you go! The perfect guide on how to keep your home clean. By following a direct and useful cleaning plan, you will be embracing good health and a safe living environment. Let us be honest, vacuuming, dusting and shinning is not anyone’s favorite pastime. Although this is a tedious process, it will uplift your spirits, make your home welcoming and change you into a much better person.


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