How to Find the Best Back Scrubber for Your Showering

How to Find the Best Back Scrubber for Your Showering

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How to Find the Best Back Scrubber for Your Showering

Showers are one of those things in life you feel is simple until you stop and think about it. OK, there is hot water and washing. Simple right? But when you recognize most people actually spend time soaping, shampooing – not to mentioning conditioning – as well as cleaning all over, well suddenly a shower requires a bit of planning to get the most out of it.

For folks who find it hard to reach around their back – and this can be most people unless you’re an Olympic gymnast – then a back scrubber can be a really useful tool. Back scrubbers can not only exfoliate your skin and ensure your whole body gets a good clean, but they can also be a great aid in treating acne and other skin irritations., How to Find the Best Back Scrubber for Your Showering

Sizing up your options

The search for the best back scrubbers for the shower will start with you and your body, specifically the size of you. If you are 6’10, a back scrubber that is a meter long may be required. If you are 5’1, then a meter long is likely to be too big to use comfortably. As well as the length of the back scrubber, finding one that will be comfortable for your hands is good too.

Consider the other tools and products you use in your daily life. Do you prefer wood? Do you like plastic? Do you like a rubber grip or think all that extra tread is a waste of time? It may seem like these are trivial concerns, but the golden rule of tools is ‘if you don’t like it you won’t use it’.

Just like flossing or putting on sunscreen, it can be easy for many people to neglect their back scrubber if they don’t like it. That’s why finding one that fits your size and comfort is important.

Not too hard and not too soft

Make no mistake, when you step in the shower you’re absolutely there for a vigorous clean.

That’s why a brush that is far too soft won’t do any good for anybody. On the other hand, you want to feel like you are using a back scrubber for the shower and not something akin to sandpaper.

Again, to a degree, this can come down to your personal preference, but ultimately it is pertinent to find a brush that is the best of both worlds. One that will provide you firm enough pressure to scrub your skin properly, but not too rough so as to irritate your skin.

All about the timing

It may sound obvious but is easy to overlook: when you are scrubbing your back it is important to lather first, and not after. Many people can forget this, scrub their back, and then soap after, only to wonder why they can’t treat any lingering irritation that may be there.

Applying soap after you have scrubbed is OK, but will mostly just get washed off without getting worked in. By applying soap before you scrub, you’ll ensure it is worked into your skin, and it provides a proper clean.

Final thoughts

The most important thing to remember about the perfect back scrubber is it’s best used in conjunction with other goods for the greatest results. Avoid making extra hot showers a habit, as these can dry out and irritate the skin. Take lukewarm (or even cold!) ones instead.

Also, ensure any soaps and shampoos you use are gentle on your body and don’t aggravate your skin. Finally, also remember to scrub firmly but gently. A good back scrubber is like a good handshake; you should feel some firm pressure but not feel any pain. Do this consistently, and you should enjoy healthy skin from front to back.


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