How To Find Out If You Have Prediabetes?

Prediabetes is also termed as borderline diabetes which is a disease that materializes before a person contracts type 2 diabetes. It is also known as glucose intolerance. Essentially, it means that the blood sugar levels are pretty much high compared to normal levels but are not high enough to be categorized as diabetes itself.

Prediabetes that are left unchecked can transform into full diabetes. However, one can keep a track of this borderline disease. There are certain changes that the victim may experience. You can go through the list of most common prediabetes symptoms, nevertheless, here are some of signs mentioned:

  1. Skin gets strange

One of the alerting signs is skin tags or discoloration of skins. Some individuals may get their skin darkened on the sides and back of the neck or in the armpit. It is imperative for the victims to keep a vigilant check on skin symptoms and get all the concerns to a specialist. If something strange starts happening with the skin, get it checked to the doctor.

  1. Blood sugar problems in the past

Having blood sugar problems in the past means that you might be a victim of prediabetes. Getting diagnosed with gestational diabetes, in the cases of women, means that you might not get back to normalcy after the birth of baby. There is an increased risk of prediabetes. Hereby, family heredity matters a lot. If diabetes is in the family tree, it is recommended to get it checked.

  1. Carrying excess fat

Having extra pounds means increasing the chance of becoming resistant to insulin. This is one of the major factors in materializing diabetes. Having excessive fat poses more stress on the pancreas which hinders the production of insulin. Having fat around the organs puts you closer to the danger zone. One of the ways in which this area can be addressed is incorporating more and more vegetables in the diet. Add more protein as well. Keep a regular check on the diet.

  1. There is limited motion

If you are rarely in motion, then you are increasing the chances of getting pre-diabetic. Insulin is utilized more efficiently if there is regular activity. It helps to maintain normal weight which decreases the chances of diabetes. Avoid sedentary lifestyle. Walk at least 10 minutes per day. Adopt a pro-active lifestyle. Exercise on regular basis. There are many activities that one can engage into in order to avoid prediabetes.

  1. Being insomniac

The body gets out of order if you don’t have sufficient sleep in the night. This can be bad when it comes to developing diabetes. Bad sleep can increase the weight which consequently increases the risk of prediabetes. Sleep disorders like insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea have a negative impact on the blood sugar. Talk to the doctor if sleep is one of the concerns. Take less stress and meditate more in order to have a restful sleep in the night which helps to address the issue of prediabetes.

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