How to find a Doctor Online with Ease?

How to find a Doctor Online with Ease?

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How to find a Doctor Online with Ease?

We generally find or choose our doctor by word of mouth or through a known physician. Traditionally we have been finding a doctor through our friends or relatives and by word of mouth (which is considered one of the best ways of finding anything) and the process are, find someone you trust (usually a friend, relative or a colleague) and ask them which doctor he/she uses for treatment. If you are trying find a doctor there are several options available to find a doctor. You may be finding a doctor locally for minor illness or you may be trying to find a doctor online for a serious/chronic illness, these days we have several options open to us. One of such option (which is being used with increasing frequency) is finding a doctor online.

The tradition has not changed much (i.e. we still use a type of “word of mouth” method, which is electronic word of mouth or in simple words, we use online services to find a doctor). There are several ways to find doctor online.

The ways of finding doctor online include, typing “doctor ratings” in popular search engines (such as Google), you will get list of websites where people rate physicians or doctors and make comments. Select any website you think good and find a doctor of your choice and locality. You may also directly go to a well known website (provided you know) with list of reputed doctors you trust and select your doctor. Finding a doctor online has become very easy and for that increasing number of individuals are using online services to find a doctor of their choice.

It is better to find a doctor online from a reputed and well known website directly than finding from a search engine. Many doctors and internet experts think that anonymous opinion about doctor’s rating and comments can not be relied upon, as they can be easily fabricated. Some XYZ commenting and giving a rating does not mean the rating is true. So, it is advisable to se online services with caution, so that you do not regret later on for not selecting wisely.

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  • Avatar for Evelyn
    Evelyn July 15, 2011 03.55 pm

    I think finding a doctor online will be more and more common in the future.

    I had a doctor that I went to for a physical, long story short, she spoke rather mean to me, very non-caring. Since then, I never returned.

    Well, I went online and did a search and found more complaints about this doctor and she made me feel the same way these people felt. I wish I would have read the reviews about her before I visited her office. I probably would have never gone to her.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Avatar for admin
      admin July 18, 2011 01.53 pm

      Yes finding doctor online will be easier, safer and more common in future. I will write about it very soon.
      There will be better software to reduce multiple comments and reviews by same person in future.

  • Avatar for Robert
    Robert July 20, 2011 03.21 am

    If we cant trust doctors anymore in this world, that’s a big problem. I’m glad this service could help a lot of people? out there. At least they can be sure of who to trust now..

    • Avatar for admin
      admin July 20, 2011 11.12 am

      It is not question of trusting every doctor, buy selecting your requirement of health service properly.

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