How To Cures for Sexually Transmitted Diseases for Women

How To Cures for Sexually Transmitted Diseases for Women

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How To Cure STD Naturally? 3 Natural Cures for Sexually Transmitted Diseases for Women

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are prevalent among people who are sexually active and belonging to different age groups. Diseases belonging to this category vary, but the primary thing they share in common is that they are usually transmitted from one person to the other through sexual activity. , How To Cure STD Naturally? 3 Natural Cures for Sexually Transmitted Diseases for Women

The issue of STD is often associated with stigma where some people do not want to discuss it for fear of ridicule by others openly. However, there is no need to worry since sexually transmitted diseases are curable. The good news is that different diseases belonging to this category can be cured using natural medicines.

Medication obtained from pharmacies is viewed as the best in curing STDs, but natural remedies can also produce excellent results. When you want to heal STD using natural solution effectively, you need to understand the type of infection that you have. Some medicines work best on other types of sexually transmitted diseases but may not be effective in curing other diseases. These remedies are in most cases in the form of unprocessed natural herbs.

The following is an outline of three natural cures for STDs among women. The women’s genital organs differ from their male counterparts, and this has a bearing on how they react to various STI treatments. This means that some natural remedies are more effective in women compared to males.

What are the symptoms of STD you want to Treat?

Sexually transmitted diseases have different symptoms, and you should understand these before you attempt to cure them using natural medicine. For example, Chlamydia is a common type of STD that affects both sexes, but it is prevalent in women. Its symptoms include pain when urinating and you also feel it during sex. The other common sign among women is vaginal discharge with a bad smell.

Chlamydia is a common condition that infects both men and women, but the problem is that its symptoms are not quickly noticed. As a result, the infection spreads, and more than 3 million cases of this disease are reported annually in the US.

The effects of Chlamydia are severe in women since they can permanently damage the reproductive system. Once the condition reaches this particular stage, it becomes difficult for the affected women to get pregnancy. The other issue is that pregnant women who have Chlamydia pose a high risk of infecting the child during birth.

The disease can lead to premature birth, or the child will be born with a severe eye infection. The new child can also suffer from pneumonia. The condition itself is not only harmful to the mother but the child as well in cases of pregnancy. It is essential for women, in particular, to go for simple testing that only involves a sample of urine. The other issue is that many people are finding natural remedy effective in curing Chlamydia.   , How To Cure STD Naturally? 3 Natural Cures for Sexually Transmitted Diseases for Women

Garlic: Natural Remedy for Curing Chlamydia in Women

Garlic is an adequate natural remedy that can help you get rid of Chlamydia, and it will also stop the continual growth of the bacteria that causes it. This natural treatment is completely safe since it does not have any side effects. On top of that, the use of garlic in treating this disease is cost effective.

Raw garlic is comprised of pungent aroma and many medicinal properties that for years have been used to treat a variety of health problems. Garlic also has natural antiviral and antibacterial properties that are effective in treating Chlamydia and other forms of STDs among women. Chemicals such as allicin are capable of killing the bacteria thereby eliminating all the symptoms of the STD.

Garlic works efficiently since you only need to add it to your daily diet to boost your immune system. You merely chop raw garlic and add it to your meal or consume it afterward. Your body will be able to prevent the occurrence of STIs.

However, overconsumption of raw garlic can cause vomiting, nausea or diarrhea. It can also cause bad breath. Therefore, you should consume the recommended quantities and still manage to achieve the best results.

Tea Tree for Treating Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is an STD that is caused by a parasite, and it affects both men and women. However, the symptoms of the infection are more prevalent in women than men.  In women, the disease causes a condition that is known as vaginitis that results in inflammation of the vagina.

When you are suffering from this kind of infection, you experience vaginal itching, experiencing pain in the lower abdomen, during sexual intercourse, and during urination. You also experience greenish, and frothy discharge from the vagina and this produces an odor. The symptoms of trichomoniasis usually appear between five to twenty-eight days after indulging in sexual intercourse.

While other people prefer modern medicine to treat this problem, natural remedies are useful since they give you lasting relief and prevent the infection from recurrence. For instance, Tea Tree Oil is an excellent remedy for treating trichomoniasis among women.

The oil has anti-inflammatory properties and other components that include antibacterial, anti-parasite and antimicrobial. These properties are useful in eliminating the parasite called protozoan that causes trichomoniasis. All you need to do is to mix few drops of tea tree oil with about an ounce of water then apply to the vagina.

The mixture of oil and water gives you relief though you may feel some irritation soon after applying the solution to the affected area. The treatment gives you long-lasting comfort andprevents the recurrence of the infection. It is strongly recommended not to consume the Tea Tree Oil since it can cause side effects like skin allergies, diarrhea and can also upset the stomach.


Echinacea is an effective natural remedy that cures sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea and Chlamydia that are common among women. The natural medicine is capable of boosting the immune system while at the same time stimulating secretion of hormones within the body. These hormones play an essential role in fighting against bacteria that lead to STIs. You can go to a nearby clinic or visit our website to get anonymous home STD test.

Echinacea helps to reduce pain, itching as well as inflammation of the sexual organs while removing infection-causing microbes. The recommended dosage is 200 mg of Echinacea that is taken as either tincture or capsule. You can take about 30 drops of tincture either as tea or in capsule form for about four times a day up to 10 days.

The remedy completely clears the sexually transmitted infection, and the other advantage of its continued use is that it helps to prevent the recurrence of the problem. More importantly, it is very safe to use, and it is also cost-effective. With this natural remedy, you will get positive results.

Apart from using these natural remedies as treatment for STDs, it is recommended that you should also aim to maintain a proper diet since this is good for your health. When your body is healthy, it is capable of resisting infections that can be related to STDs. It is also good to lead a healthy lifestyle by avoiding sexual intercourse with multiple partners since this can expose you to risks of STIs.


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