How to Carry on with Your Life after Alcohol Rehab

How to Carry on with Your Life after Alcohol Rehab

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How to Carry on with Your Life after Alcohol Rehab

Joining an alcohol rehabilitation program is the first step that an alcoholic can take to get their life back together. Rehab programs are hard and they demand all the will that a person is capable of, in order to beat the addiction. Once they finish the program, a former alcoholic will feel like a brand-new person, ready to start a new, better and more fulfilling life. However, the re-introduction to the world is not as easy as one might think. In fact, it is full of many challenges which can lead to relapse. However, with the right mindset, a willful person can overcome this challenging period and start building the life that they dream of., How to Carry on with Your Life after Alcohol Rehab

What to expect after rehab

While following the recovery program, a patient needs to find motivation to carry on. For many people, this motivation lies in imagining their life after rehab, and creating an idealistic and unrealistic idea of what they life will be like. So, if you are about to finish a rehab program, you need to be prepared to deal with the following challenges:


While hospitalized in a recovery center, patients put their trust and their well-being in the hands of professionals, who guide them through the recovery process. However, in real life, you will no longer be guided by anyone. You will have to resume most of your previous responsibilities and be accountable for all of your actions.

Constant temptations

The rehab center may have kept you away from alcohol, making it easy for you to avoid temptations, but once you are out, you need to be prepared to have your will tested every single day. After all, alcohol is a socially acceptable drug, and most of the people around you will drink on a regular basis.

Life is not perfect

Most people who suffer from alcohol abuse start drinking to forget the stress and the worries of everyday life. You need to understand that the things that made you unhappy in the past haven’t magically disappeared. Everything will probably be the same. However, if there is one thing that has certainly changed, that is you. While in rehab, you learned a lot about how to deal with your problems, and now will be the time to apply that knowledge. Don’t expect it to work from the start though. Rebuilding a life is quite hard, and you will likely fail numerous times before you manage to turn your life around. However, as long as you are sober, and you don’t give up, you are still on the right tracks.

You will have to make amends

Your friends and family might have supported you through the recovery period, and they will likely continue to do so in the near future. But make no mistake, you have probably hurt a lot of people, and chances are that a simple “I’m sorry” won’t fix much. So be prepared to work on your close relationships and earn back the trust of your loved ones.

Make the journey easier by joining an aftercare program

While each individual will deal with different challenges in the post-recovery period, there are some things that you can do to make the process easier.Aftercare programs are designed to support former patients when reintegrating their communities. The programs can include regular therapy, as well as guidance for current patients, but each rehab center has their own approach to aftercare programs. For example, Aftercare Programs with Nexus Recovery include comprehensive mentorship programs, as well as an alumni program which includes weekly alumni meetings, community events, 12 step meetings and monthly check-in calls. Checking up with the people that helped you overcome your addiction is a great way to stay on tracks with your goals. Moreover, being able to help other addicts as a mentor, is a very empowering experience, but also a strong reminder of the negative impact that alcohol abuse has.


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