How to Breast Feed Your Baby: Lying Down Position

How to Breast Feed Your Baby: Lying Down Position

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How to Breast Feed Your Baby: Lying Down Position

, How to Breast Feed Your Baby: Lying Down PositionHow to breast feed your baby may be a concern for most first time moms. One of the most commonly and traditionally used breastfeeding position is cradle position of breast-feeding. The second most commonly used is usually lying down position of breast-feeding. Lying down position of breastfeeding is generally used when your baby has been “latched” (a baby is said to be latched once he/she can grasp the breast and can suckle milk comfortably and easily). If your baby is latched, it is easy way to breast-feed in lying down position. Lying down position of breast-feeding can provide the much needed rest for the mother.

If your baby is not able to suck easily, lying down position may not be comfortable for the baby. The advantage of lying down position of breast feeding is comfort for the baby as well for the mother.

  • Lie on your side (left or right side, whichever is comfortable for you or you can use alternately both sides) on a bed and position a pillow to support your head and shoulder. Make the baby lie down in front of you and facing you. The feeding breast should rest on the bed surface in such a way that the nipple points towards your baby’s mouth/face.
  • Place a pillow or two behind your back to prevent you from rolling back (if you are lying down there is always a tendency to roll back, especially when you are dosing/resting), which will cause coming out of the nipple from baby’s mouth and make feeding uncomfortable and disturb the baby.
  • The baby also should be on his/her side while lying down for breastfeeding in front of you. There is a tendency for the baby also to roll back, which can be prevented by placing a baby pillow or a baby blanket behind your baby.
  • Pull the baby’s legs toward you to make the position that it will keep the nose of the baby free for easy breathing.
  • The baby’s ears should not be folded and in line with shoulders.
  • Cup your breast in such as way with thumb and forefingers (same way as with cradle position of breast feeding) to make suckling easy for your baby.
  • Touch your baby’s upper lips with nipple, which will make the baby to open his/her mouth and push the nipple inside baby’s mouth for suckling.
  • Once your baby starts suckling comfortably, you can relax and rest and take care that your baby remains close to you.

If you follow how to breast feed your baby techniques appropriately, breastfeeding can be a wonderful experience for all moms.

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