How Finger Splints Can Minimise Arthritis Discomfort

Anyone with arthritis knows the discomfort it can cause each day. It is something each person with arthritis deals with individually, but they are certainly not alone. It is estimated 350 million people around the world have arthritis, more than the total population of the United States!

Within the U.S., over 50 million people – around 23% of the adult population – have arthritis.  As well as the people’s overall happiness and quality of life, this has had a substantial impact on the nation’s economic output, costing the nation over $140 billion in healthcare costs in 2013 alone. It’s also seen billions lost in productivity and earned income.

Arthritis and Pain Management

When it comes to experiencing arthritis pain in your body, fingers will always be an epicenter.

Whatever you do in your daily life, and however you do it, you’ll be using your hands. People with pain in their feet encounter problems too but can often relieve it by sitting or lying down.

With hands there is no such reprieve, whether you are typing, writing, or even just using the remote control. Pain in your fingers not only provides physical discomfort but can really take a toll on you mentally. As opposed to pursuing the tasks of the day with optimism and confidence, you feel weary anytime you have to pick up something, or even just to wave to someone.

Yes, the pain can really irritate, but fortunately, there is a great solution available to ease joint pain in your hands. By using dedicated arthritis finger splints, you can minimize your pain, and regain the feeling of confidence to use your hands without wincing in pain.

Why finger splints?

It’s no secret there are a ton of options out there on the market for the treatment of pain. There are specific remedies that target localized pain in your body. There are general painkillers you can take for temporary pain relief. Usually, these come in the form of medicine – and while they absolutely can deliver you a solid solution in the right circumstances –  can also complicate it.

If a simple finger splint can ease someone’s pain, without requiring them to take any painkillers, that will always be preferable to the patient. It will usually be preferable to doctors too, as sometimes painkillers can have side effects in some people, but there will be no side effects to using a finger splint.

Finger splints are a good medical treatment for a variety of reasons. A splint can help reduce the impact on an injured finger. It can aid in healing and recovery by immobilizing and stabilizing the affected joint. It can also help reduce minor or accidental movement of a tender muscle or joint, that can result in jarring pain.

Arthritis finger splints are great in this regard. They have been found to reduce pain significantly among individuals who have arthritis in their hands. They can also be used in combination with other treatments, meaning there is no need to stop any other prescribed pain treatment if you don’t wish to.

Finger splints compared to other pain treatments

Finger splints are also are a form of pain treatment that is not invasive, substantial, or long term. After all, if for some reason you didn’t like using a finger splint? You can just take it off! Ultimately its unlikely you’ll want to though given the quick and easy pain solution it offers.

One thing you should keep in mind when sourcing a finger splint is to obtain one that is tailored to you. Finger splints can come in a variety of sizes, and be made with different materials. Just as each of us is a different height and weight, so too are our hands and fingers unique in size. Find the right splint at the right size, and you’ll be all set to use it in comfort long term.

Final Thoughts

Arthritis finger splints are great because they are simple, inexpensive, and effective. With up to 70 percent of adults over 55 having arthritis, fingers splints are not only a great treatment for you, but are also really handy (no pun intended!) to recommend to friends who also have finger pain. If you are enduring finger pain due to arthritis, then obtaining some finger splits is a wise idea.

Best of all, they are a very quick and affordable solution. So if for some reason you want to try a new splint,  or you even find another treatment that better suits your needs? Then it’s really easy to change without worrying about money or time lost. All up, there’s never been a better time to point the finger at your arthritis pain and find a splint to stop it.


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