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Eye doctors do important work, helping people from all walks of life maintain healthy, strong eyes. Vision is something that we completely take for granted for as long as we can see. But for most people, the threat of going blind is one of the most scary considerations they can dwell on. Without sight, daily lives must change in a radical way, and while there are many blind people who lead successful, independent lives, there are still very few who would willingly allow their eyesight to deteriorate in such a way. This makes it imperative to visit the eye doctor, and to arrange for your eyes to be tested on a semi-regular basis. But what is involved in these testing processes, and how can they help patients achieve better outcomes?

Eye tests are designed to enable eye doctors to examine the health and function of the eyes. These tests can be administered to patients of all ages, and can help identify an array of sight-related problems, degenerations and weaknesses. There are over 100 separate tests eye doctors can use to examine the eyes of their patients, and through an array of high-tech machinery, they can look deep inside the eye and the surrounding nerves to determine current or future causes for concern. These tests are often interactive, involving the patient to relay information to the eye doctor. Depending on the test, the eye doctor may also be drawing their own conclusions, based on their medical assessment of the health of the eye in question.

There are a number of eye diseases and conditions that can arise in patients, and eye doctors are undoubtedly the best people to identify, diagnose and treat these problems. Some tests can even detect for more serious issues like tumors around the optical nerve and further back into the skull. While on the surface these tests are essentially just about uncovering eyesight problems, they can actually have much wider reaching implications for those fortunate enough to have these more serious conditions diagnosed early, as a result of visiting an eye doctor.

Eyesight problems are generally degenerative, in the sense that they don’t often get better. With treatment, failing eyesight can be prolonged for a longer duration, and eyes can be made to be as healthy as possible through prescriptions, treatments and exercises. What is crucial is that you see your eye doctor on a regular basis, no less frequently than once every other year, to ensure any problems are picked up as soon as possible, before they get any worse.

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Optical health is a crucial part of health and wellbeing, and the implications for those who allow their eyes to deteriorate unchecked can be significant. Stanton Optical helps The Sparrows Nest and they are perhaps best known for providing free eye exams. Through a combination of eye testing and prescriptive solutions, eye doctors can recommend the best course of action for ensuring your eyes remain as healthy and as strong as possible, for as long as possible.

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