How Discreet Is It To Vape Cannabis?

How Discreet Is It To Vape Cannabis?

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How Discreet Is It To Vape Cannabis?

Curious about just how discreet you’re being when you vape cannabis? Let’s take a look!

With the looming legalization of cannabis across Canada, most people understand that this isn’t approval to smoke or vape cannabis wherever you want. Just like rules governing where and when you can smoke tobacco, there will be rules about smoking or vaping cannabis. Knowing how to discreetly vape cannabis and how much your cannabis use will affect people around you will be am important part of adapting to the new laws., How Discreet Is It To Vape Cannabis?

Many people, including medicinal marijuana users, already understand the benefits of vaping cannabis. Vaping cannabis is one of the fastest growing delivery methods for cannabis around the world, with many new users referring to vape rather than smoke cannabis. One of the biggest reasons people prefer vaping over smoking cannabis is that there is no combustion from burning the dry cannabis flower when you vape. The vaporizer heats the cannabis flower to the point where the user can inhale the vapor without any combustion.

Other people that don’t like cannabis flower may choose another alternative to vaping, like cannabis concentrates such as shatter, cannabis oils, and waxes. It’s important to note that even though the legalization of cannabis flower is imminent in Canada, there haven’t been any announcements about other cannabis related products at the time of writing.

Does this mean that you can just vape wherever you want?

This is where e-cigarettes have already done a bit of the heavy lifting for cannabis vapers. People are already used to seeing people using electronic vaporizers and e-cigarettes out and about, and also used to the weird smells that different e-liquids produce. When you vape cannabis with a vaporizer there aren’t large clouds of vapor like e-cigarettes, but there will be some cannabis odor.

Portable cannabis vaporizers are much more discreet than carrying the larger desktop vaporizers which you may see in someone’s home. Portable cannabis vaporizers are much more discreet, with smaller stealthy designs, that are designed to quickly and easily be vaped and then slipped back into a pocket or purse. They consist of a battery pack, heating chamber, firing button, and mouth piece. Many cannabis vapers keep them pre-loaded and simply slip them out of their pockets, hit the firing button, and within seconds they’re enjoying their favorite dry herbs.

Is vaping cannabis the most discreet way to enjoy it?

While you might think that because there isn’t any combustion vaporizers are the most discreet way to enjoy cannabis, there is an even more discreet method. Cannabis oils and edibles are the ultimate discreet way to enjoy cannabis. Oils can be taken straight or mixed with your favorite foods and drinks.

If you prefer vaping, and you want a discreet vaporizer, try to choose a smaller model that features a rapid heat up function. You may need to adjust your budget to find a premium stealth vaporizer, but the peace of mind it gives you may well be worth the additional cost. Some discreet vaporizers are even disguised as key fobs and other electrical devices.

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