How Can You Establish A Healthy Relationship With Food?

A healthy diet will help you manage an optimal body weight and keep you free from various diseases. In an effort to lose weight however, some people tend to go overboard with their dietary choices. There are others who have a rather turbulent relationship with food, indulging in unhealthy foods on a few occasions and then going on a diet for the next few days to make up for the indulgence. This tendency is counterproductive; if you really want to make weight loss permanent, what you need is a healthy relationship with food in the first place. You must be able to distinguish between actual hunger and emotional hunger when you search for comfort foods. Hunger that is stimulated by smell and sight or memory can be emotional hunger. You indulge in emotional eating to keep yourself calm or to satisfy your excitement or to reward yourself for some achievement.

Tips to have a healthy relationship with food:

It is indeed possible to enjoy a healthy liaison with food when you follow some useful suggestions. This is because food is not simply a fuel provider, it offers a bonding experience and we need it to keep ourselves both physically and emotionally healthy.

  • Eating real foods: It is important to eat natural foods and stay as far away from canned or processed foods or frozen foods as possible.
  • Cook real foods: You should also prepare real foods at home, washing and chopping the vegetables etc. By touching these foods, you actually develop a sense of ownership and feel connected to them. You can learn about the nutritional importance of each of these foods and enjoy the entire process of preparing meals with them.
  • Choose reputed meal delivery services: If you have some health issues like diabetes and are skeptical about the right meal choices, sign up for meal delivery services that have specially designed diet plans. They will deliver your meal orders right at your doorstep.  For instance, Nutrisystem, which is an acclaimed meal delivery service, offers Nutrisystem-D which is specially designed for diabetics. Nutrisystem-D menu includes diet dishes that are low in glycemic indices, low in sodium, low in fat and low calorific. You can cut the cost of meal orders using Nutrisystem discount deals offered by the company. Their short term weight loss programs like Fast Five and My Way, help you experience weight loss in as little as five days. By enrolling you can avail counseling from expert nutritionists.
  • Dine together at a table: You should learn to respect your food and eat at a table always. When you eat without distractions, you eat better. Eating with the family and friends helps you bond with them better.
  • Use finger foods: You should give up the fork and start using fingers to hold the food you eat. This physical connection ensures that you appreciate each bite you take. You can also experience the various textures and shapes of different foods and this feeling multiplies your satisfaction.
  • Record what you eat: When you have finished eating a meal or even a snack, you can write it down to understand whether you ate to satisfy your physical hunger or simply to satiate your emotional cravings. Keeping a food journal can help you stay connected with your emotions relating to food.
  • Prepare in advance: It always helps to plan your meals beforehand. You should also make room for flexibility and spontaneity. These steps will make meal preparations less troublesome.
  • Avoid comparison with others: It may not be a good idea to compare the foods you eat or the meal portions you have with others. This is because our individual needs are influenced by our individual heights, muscle mass and activity levels.
  • Avoid skipping meals: It is better to eat smaller meals rather than skipping meals to compensate for overeating.
  • Choose the best advice: Since there are many easily available resources on food on the Internet, it is likely to get misled because a lot of this information may not be correct. You need to be very selective about where you get nutritional information from.

These are some suggestions that can help you develop and harness a healthy relationship with your food.

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