Home Workouts You'll Take a "Shine" To

Home Workouts You'll Take a "Shine" To

We know by now that we need to eat the right foods, need to work out, and do stuff that is healthy for us. Because maintaining good health does not happen by accident, it requires work and smart lifestyle choices. But sometimes when we wake up at 6 am to hit the gym before work or shunning the donuts in breakfast, it’s easy to lose sight of for what are we doing all these. So here are some top articles choices that can keep you motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep diseases at bay.

Home Workouts You’ll Take a “Shine” To

Whether you’re just starting a weight loss program or nearing the finish line of a long-pursued goal, finding the right combination of diet and exercise can be a challenge. When fat burning is your goal, it can be difficult to balance your day-to-day responsibilities with your fitness routine. Lucky for you today, our team has knocked together some serious fat burning tips that are guaranteed to help you balance your home life with your fitness goals. So, instead of trying to figure out how you’ll cram in a double cardio routine at the gym, grab a snack, maybe some supplements, and consider all the ways you can burn fat and calories while you’re doing routine chores around the house.

General Housework

Did you know that a pound of body fat is made up of 3,500 calories? According to the American Council on Exercise, that means if you want to drop a pound each week, you’ll need to use 500 calories more than you consume each day. Just doing basic tidying up around the house for a solid hour gets you halfway to that goal. That’s right, you can burn fat by putting away the kids’ toys, making beds, dusting those top shelves, washing the windows and even just doing the dishes., Home Workouts You’ll Take a “Shine” To

Clean Your Floors

Most homes have more than one type of floor, and–lucky for those of us pursuing a healthier life–any kind of floor cleaning burns calories. For example:

  • Vacuuming burns around 240 calories an hour
  • Mopping or sweeping for an hour gets you a more thorough workout than just vacuuming and also burns around 250 calories, and
  • If you really get your full-body workout on and ditch the mop, scrubbing the floor by hand can shred through 270 calories in an hour.

Obviously, the amount of time it takes to clean your floor depends on how big your home is, but it’s worth putting in the effort a few times a week to burn through those extra calories.

Do the Laundry

The laundry itself isn’t a huge calorie burner–sorting clothes, moving them from the washer to the dryer, or hanging them out will net you around 80 calories for an hour of effort. The same goes for folding your freshly washed clothes. However, ironing is a great core workout. If you can keep posture in mind and be consistent in your effort, you’ll burn around 140 calories in one hour., Home Workouts You’ll Take a “Shine” To

Outdoor Chores

Some of the best household chores for burning fat are things you’re used to doing outside. Gardening offers a burn of around 100 calories even for light physical activity. Instead of thinking it’s a drag to mow the lawn, relish the fact that you’re melting off 375 calories an hour. If you have a large lawn and use a walk-behind mower, that could mean a whole pound of fat burned each week just for keeping your grass cut. Shoveling snow is an even bigger burner at 475 calories per hour. So whatever the weather, those outdoor chores are an ace in the hole for your weight loss game.

If you want to burn more calories during your daily routine, consider adding light weights to your activities. Wrist or ankle weights increase the “effort” your body expends to do a job, which means more calories are burned. Always remember, it is important to consult with your physician before starting a new exercise routine–even if that routine is just augmenting household chores you already do every week.

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