Home Remedies for Oral Thrush and Prevention

Oral thrush is generally not a serious health problem. However, the disease should not be ignored either. There are various home remedies available for oral thrush. You can try some of the home remedies of oral thrush yourself at home, if you do not feel like consulting a doctor, because it is not a serious medical problem.

Maintain good oral hygiene:

Good oral hygiene can help you to get rid of oral thrush as well as prevent from developing. Practice good oral hygiene and teach this to your children. Brush your teeth after every meal with appropriate toothbrush and floss your teeth at least once a day. Replace old toothbrush when required. You can try using electric toothbrush, if you have problem with manual toothbrush. Avoid using mouthwash regularly; because it may disturb your normal oral flora, which itself is a risk factor for oral candidiasis. Visit your dentist every six months for check ups or your dental and oral health status.

Warm saltwater rinse:

Instead of using mouthwash, try using warm saltwater rinse. Add half teaspoonful of common salt (approximately 2 to 3 grams) in a cup of lukewarm water (100 to 150 ml), rinse mouth, and then spit it out. Do not swallow the warm saltwater. This can maintain normal oral flora and prevent oral thrush.

Use nursing pad while breastfeeding:

If you get oral thrush during breastfeeding period, try using nursing pads while breastfeeding to prevent spread of fungus to your cloths.

Prevention of oral thrush:

Various measures can help prevent oral thrush, if you are at risk of developing, they are:

  • Rinse mouth after every use of inhaled glucocorticoids (used for treatment of asthma). You can use plain water or warm saltwater for rinse. Another option is to brush your teeth after every use of inhaled glucocorticoids.
  • Treat vaginal yeast infection appropriately as soon as possible. Risk of oral thrush is high if you have vaginal yeast infection.
  • Practice good oral/dental hygiene. Visit your dentist every six months and brush your teeth after every meal. Avoid sweetened carbonated drinks. Avoid sweets.
  • Take fresh yogurt and probiotics regularly, if you are at risk of developing oral thrush.
  • Be careful about your eating habit. Limit sugar and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Follow the above-mentioned measures and prevent oral thrush.


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