Here are 6 Tips for Healthy Nails and Hands Using Gel Polishes

Here are 6 Tips for Healthy Nails and Hands Using Gel Polishes

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Here are 6 Tips for Healthy Nails and Hands Using Gel Polishes

Have you ever caught yourself gazing at perfectly manicured nails in one of those glossy magazines? Did you then wonder how those hand models’ nails look so beautiful and healthy? Well, you can also get to have such gorgeous nails by making use of gel polishes. They will give you a magazine-worthy manicure that is not only beautiful but can last up to two weeks.  But first, let’s take a look at what they are., Here are 6 Tips for Healthy Nails and Hands Using Gel Polishes

What are Gel Polishes?

Basically, a gel polish involves the use of a gel for a manicure. The gel is applied carefully and gently then cured under UV or LED light. The light causes the gel to bond and harden. Typically, there are three major steps:

  • Application of a gel base coat
  • Application of two layers of polish color
  • Application of a gel top coat

Note that curing happens after each step and it lasts just for a few minutes.

Now that you are familiar with gel polishes, you can make use of the tips below for attractive glossy nails.

Here’s how to get Beautiful and Healthy Nails

·  Moisturize

Why apply polish on dry cracked nails? That will not do any good. Before any application, or indeed before any manicure, ensure that your nails are well moisturized first. The best way to do this is to form a daily habit of moisturizing your hands using oil or a rich lotion and ensure that you drink lots of water so you can moisturize from within as well. Well-moisturized nails will flourish under the polish and they are less prone to breakage.

·  Being Gentle with Your Nails

Your nails are not tools. They are not can openers and definitely not scrubbers. You must treat your nails with care to ensure they do not chip. You can also wear gloves to ensure they are safely tucked away. This will help your polish last longer and maintain that glossy finish.

·  Pick the Right Nail Station or Salon

A gel polish manicure needs to be done very carefully. Apart from the professionalism of a nail station, check the cleanliness of their tools and their whole establishment. You must also be careful about how they treat your nails. Rough and aggressive treatment should have your alarm bells ringing. Such treatment will leave your nails damaged no matter the results of the manicure.

·  Follow the Correct Removal Process

No matter how great your gel manicure looks, the polish has to be eventually removed. Because gel polishes harden once they are applied, removing them by picking and peeling is a sure way of guaranteeing you damaged nails. The general procedure involves soaking your hands in an acetone bath to soften the polish which will slide off right after.

·  Buy the Right Kit

Are you a DIY girl? If you prefer to do your nails at home, there are a good number of kits available in the market. Make sure you buy a good kit with excellent reviews. From there, simply follow correct procedures, use clean tools, and ensure your cuticles are kept intact so as to avoid infection. Remember to be very gentle when removing the polish. DIY kits, which include the curing lamps, can be purchased from retailers of beauty products or through websites like for delivery directly to your home.

·  Give Your Nails a Break Once in a While

Studies have shown that overindulgence in manicures is more likely to lead to dry and brittle nails. Give your nails a little time off and use the break to examine them and ensure they are in top notch health. Check for any changes in color, paleness, and slowness of growth. Visit a dermatologist if you have any concern. Remember all polish works best on healthy nails.

Following these simple tips will guarantee you some pretty awesome nails and using gel polishes will give you that extra touch. Gel polishes have become so popular recently and not for nothing. They have a good number of benefits.

Why You Should Choose Gel Polishes

These nail polishes have a number of advantages compared to traditional polishes and acrylic nail extensions. Check gel vs acrylic nails in this site. Here is a list of some of the most important ones:

  • They have a more natural feel and have lower maintenance
  • They not only come in numerous polish shades but the finish is much glossier
  • They don’t have an odor
  • They are longer-lasting and hold their shine
  • Removal is easy and will not damage natural nail when done carefully
  • No risk of smudges as they dry as soon as the service is complete

For perfectly pretty fingernails, you cannot go wrong with gel polishes. They possess good benefits and application of the tips above into your nail care routine will ensure that you get beautiful results in addition to healthy nails.


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