Helpful Supplements For Osteoarthritis

Helpful Supplements For Osteoarthritis

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Helpful Supplements For Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis occurs due to wear and tear effect on joints, especially weight bearing joints, such as knee joints, ankle joints and vertebral joints. Among obese and overweight individuals and those who use joints excessively (such as athletes and other sportspersons), osteoarthritis is more common. Large number of people, especially elderly and obese suffer from this condition which affect their life in negative way. There are number of remedies available for management of osteoarthritis, unfortunately no management is up to satisfactory level. However, there are several natural remedies available (including supplements such as glucosamine, chondroitin etc.), which provide good result in osteoarthritis., Helpful Supplements For Osteoarthritis

Glucosamine for osteoarthritis:

Some studies have suggested that glucosamine (some types and not all types) is helpful in relieving/alleviating pain in osteoarthritis. Glucosamine sulfate is found to be helpful in osteoarthritis, but not glucosamine hydrochloride. Unfortunately, most glucosamine available in market is glucosamine hydrochloride, which is not beneficial. Glucosamine sulfate should be taken as 1500 mg, once daily and should not be split for better absorption. So, if you are taking glucosamine hydrochloride, stop using it and look for glucosamine sulfate.

Chondroitin sulfate for osteoarthritis:

Some studies have shown that addition of chondroitin sulfate along with glucosamine sulfate is beneficial in osteoarthritis. However, latest studies did not find such correlation between glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate. Some studies also suggest that chondroitin sulfate is able to slow down progression of osteoarthritis, but it has no effect on symptoms of osteoarthritis. One additional advantage of chondroitin sulfate is that, it is very safe drug and well tolerated with very little side effects if any.

Other supplements in osteoarthritis:

There are various other supplements which are used for management of osteoarthritis. However most of them are not well studied and proved to be beneficial in osteoarthritis management. These include, avocado soybean unsaponifiables (these are made from avocado and soybean oils), rose hips and concentrated ginger etc. Studies done on these supplements are not highly reliable and need reliable studies before clear conclusion can be arrived about their usefulness in osteoarthritis.

Be well informed if you suffer from osteoarthritis. If you are well informed (educated in osteoarthritis and arthritis), it can make a great difference in the outcome of disease management. Understand the disease and learn more about its management, which can make you tolerate the disease better. If you educate yourself about the disease (osteoarthritis), you will understand why it is not possible to cure and how symptoms can be minimized. Good information about osteoarthritis is a strong tool to fight the disease. One can get a great deal of information about osteoarthritis in various trusted websites such as Arthritis Foundation and CDC website.

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