Have Earwax Blockage? See a Doctor

Have Earwax Blockage? See a Doctor

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Have Earwax Blockage? See a Doctor

Cerumen (earwax) accumulates in your ear canal, where it is secreted. Generally, the earwax is cleared by itself by being washed naturally. However, sometimes the wax may be too hard or too much quantity accumulates it may lead to earwax blockage. Cerumen or earwax is essential for health of your ear. It lubricates and cleanse your ear canal. It also protect ear canal by trapping dirt and slowing down bacterial growth. If you have too much earwax or it is too hard to remove, see a doctor and get it removed, because it may lead to various symptoms., Have Earwax Blockage? See a Doctor

Symptoms of excess earwax or earwax blockage include,

  • Pain in ear
  • Tinnitus or ringing sound in ear
  • Decreased hearing in the affected ear
  • Cough
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling of fullness in affected ear

What causes earwax blockage?

The earwax is secreted by the glands that are present in the skin that line the ear canal. The wax along with presence of tiny hairs in ear canal traps the dirt and foreign particles that may cause damage to the eardrum or tympanic membrane. Generally for most people, small quantity of wax is produced and makes its way to ear opening and falls off naturally, as new wax is produced which push the older wax out. Earwax blockage can occur if you secrete excess earwax (cerumen) or if your earwax is very hard for natural removal. If you do not clean earwax regularly, it may lead to buildup of earwax and block the ear canal. Self-cleaning in an improper way can also lead to earwax blockage. Improper way of cleaning may lead to pushing the earwax deeper inside, instead of removing it, especially if your earwax is hard in consistency.

If you have earwax and have some signs and symptoms of earwax blockage, see your doctor. Sometimes the symptoms may indicate another medical condition. It is simply not possible to know if your ear is clean of earwax. Because, you cannot see on your own if your ear canal is clean. Someone (usually a doctor) has to look into your ear canal using special instrument to see if it is clean of earwax. Hence, if you have any problem with earwax, always see your doctor and get checked properly. Do not try to remove earwax on your own, if you have symptoms of earwax blockage. Do not use wax softener without consulting your doctor.


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