Hair Removal With Electrolysis

Hair Removal With Electrolysis

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Hair Removal With Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a method for hair removal, where individual hair follicles are destroyed using electrolysis device which passes electric current using tiny needle. Nowadays electrolysis devices are available that uses heat or chemical (instead of using electric current) for destroying hair follicles. The tiny needle or fine probe is inserted into individual hair follicle and the hair is pulled out using a tweezers.

Electrolysis is a safe hair removal procedure and it can be used in almost all areas of the body including eyebrows, where most of the hair removal procedures cannot be used. Side effects of electrolysis are minimal and not permanent in nature, if any. Sometimes redness of skin is seen as side effect, which is short lasting.

Unwanted hair growth may be due to hormonal influence or it may be hereditary (e.g. hirsutism). There are also other cause of unwanted excess hair growth such as medications, certain illnesses etc. Hair is essential for skin for various reason, however, if hairs are present in unwanted areas (such as face in women, bikini line in women), they may need to be removed using electrolysis, because it has many advantages over other methods of hair removal.

How many sittings may I need for hair removal with electrolysis?

The exact number of visits/sittings required for satisfactory result is difficult to predict. However, one requires several visits for satisfactory result. There are multiple factors that influence result of hair removal with electrolysis, as is the case with most other methods of hair removal. The total number of sittings required vary from individual to individual and also to a great extent on the operator of the electrolysis device and his/her skill at handling the device. Generally one sitting is arranged every week till satisfactory result is achieved. The best part of using electrolysis for hair removal is that the result of hair removal is usually permanent after treatment is completed. Depending on the size and location of the area to be treated, hair removal with electrolysis requires from 15 minutes to one hour for every sitting/visit.

Common areas treated with electrolysis:

Electrolysis can be used in most of the areas of skin. Commonly used areas include eyebrows, face (upper lip, chin, checks etc.), thighs, abdomen, breasts, bikini line, and legs. Even eyelashes can be removed with electrolysis. In fact electrolysis was invented more than 100 years ago to remove irritating and in-grown eyelashes. Currently electrolysis is more of a cosmetic tool than therapeutic tool.

Should you use electrolysis?

The question should be answered by you. Know the advantages and disadvantages (which are only few and minor) hair removal by electrolysis and decide yourself. There more advantages of using electrolysis for hair removal, than there are disadvantages. That is why unless there is specific reason for not using electrolysis, one can safely use the procedure for removal of unwanted hairs, and because the result is usually permanent once treatment is complete.

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