Got Dark Circle Around Eye? May be Due to the Following

Dark circles around eye may not be something you like (especially for ladies). However, one may get dark circles around eye even if a person sleeps well (adequate duration and satisfactory sleep), although fatigue is a common reason for dark circles around eye. Sometimes what seem to be dark circles around eye may be just shadow cast by puffy eyelids. Dark circles may also appear as part of normal ageing process.

What are the causes of dark circles around eye?

Common causes of dark circles around eye includes,

  • Allergy
  • Fatigue
  • Contact dermatitis (if a person is allergic to something and comes in contact with that thing may cause allergic reaction, e.g. allergy to nickel)
  • Eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis)
  • Genetic and hereditary cause (as dark circles around eye can run in families)
  • Frequent rubbing and/or scratching of eyes
  • Excess exposure to sun may also cause dark circles around eye. This is due to production of melanin pigment leading to skin coloration
  • There may be some problem in pigmentation as seen in colored people such as Asians
  • Loss of fat and collagen from skin tissue leading to thinning of skin that causes blood vessels to become more obvious leading to appearance of dark circles around eye

Should one consult doctor for dark circles around eye?

In most cases dark circles around eye are harmless and do not need any treatment and self care may be sufficient. If the dark circles around eye seem to be worsening as time progresses you should consult your doctor. Depending on the cause of dark circle, your doctor may recommend some prescription medication. You may also benefit from laser therapy or chemical peel.

Home remedy for dark circles around eye:

In most cases, dark circles around eye usually do not need any treatment as they are usually harmless. However, one may consider using some self care home remedies such as,

  • Proper sleep: many cases of dark circles around eye is due to lack of sleep or physical fatigue and may benefit from adequate sleep. However, do not sleep more than adequate, as it may give rise to various medical problems.
  • Keep your head up during sleep by using extra pillow. This prevents puffiness of lower eyelid that develops due to accumulation of fluid during sleep, with low pillow.
  • Cold compression of affected eye may help blood vessels to constrict and mask the obvious blood vessels and cause dark circles around eye to disappear or less prominent.

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