Got A Breast Lump? Never Ignore It

Got A Breast Lump? Never Ignore It

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Got A Breast Lump? Never Ignore It

A breast lump is growth of tissue within normal breast tissue. If you have lump in your breast, you may have a feel of it in various ways. Commonly a breast lump may be felt as just feeling of fullness or thickness of breast. You may feel breast lump as mass, swelling or some kind of growth. You may notice the following after examining your breast, after you suspect of having something in your breast.

  • You may find as a distinct lump or growth with distinct borders.
  • The breast lump may feel as firm, hard/solid area within your breast
  • You may get the feeling that the affected breast is larger in size
  • A different and prominent area in your breast that is different from surrounding areas
  • There may be change in nipple also, such as inward pulling of nipple
  • Other changes in breast such as dimpling of skin, redness etc.
  • Persistent pain or tenderness of breast and pain may be more during menstrual period

What are the common causes of breast lump?

Never ignore a breast lump, because it may be due to

  • Cancer of breast (a common cause of breast lump)
  • A benign tumor of breast such as fibroadenoma, common among young women
  • Cyst (a fluid filled sac) of breast can also present as breast lump
  • Mastitis or inflammation of breast tissue (commonly due to infection)
  • Galactocele also known as milk cyst
  • Intra-ductual papilloma (a wart like benign growth of milk duct)
  • Fibrocystic breast
  • Trauma to breast
  • Breast lump may be due to lipoma or benign fatty tissue growth/tumor

Your breast lump may be due to any of the above mentioned causes. Hence, never ignore any breast lump, as it may be due to breast cancer.

Make sure to do self examination of breast at least once in a month. Learn the correct way to self examine your breasts. If you notice any of the following, you must consult your doctor without delay,

  • If the breast lump seemed to be fixed to underlying tissue
  • If there is sudden appearance of breast lump
  • Breast lump persists for more than a few weeks (4-6 weeks)
  • If you have any discharge (may be bloody discharge) from breast
  • There is change of skin over breast such as redness, dimpling, tipping or hardening of skin
  • If you feel enlargement of lump to your armpit.
  • If your nipple turned inward

One important point here is that even if you do not have any of the mentioned symptoms along with breast lump, you should not ignore any breast lump. Make it a rule of thumb that any breast lump should be taken seriously and doctor consulted without any delay, as it may be due to breast cancer and fortunately breast cancer can be treated satisfactorily, especially if diagnosed at early stage. Hence, NEVER IGNORE ANY BREAST LUMP.

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