Going High-tech On Hair Removal and Age Spots Treatment

Going High-tech On Hair Removal and Age Spots Treatment

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Going High-tech On Hair Removal and Age Spots Treatment

Laser hair removal is widely considered as the most effective method of its kind today. Here’s what you need to know about the high-tech procedure. 

Move over tweezing, shaving and waxing! Laser hair removal is the latest technique that has men and women raving about its exceptional results and reasonable costs.  Indeed, its benefits far outweigh its costs, even the minor side effects, so no wonder that it’s among our most popular services here at Skin Deep Aesthetics.

Laser technology is also effective in the reduction of age spots, which are usually caused by sun damage and natural aging. Aside from the reduction of the dark spots on skin, the procedure may also result in younger-looking skin. Again, it’s a popular service in our clinic, especially for people whose age spots are getting in the way of their confidence and their appearance. , Going High-tech On Hair Removal and Age Spots Treatment

Benefits of Laser Procedure

The lasers used in the removal of unwanted hair and the reduction of age spots have been specifically designed for medical uses. These aren’t the industrial lasers used in the manufacture of commercial products from cars to robots so these are safe for use on humans. Of course, the safety of these medical-grade lasers lie in the hands of licensed dermatologists with appropriate training.

When used properly, these lasers have the following benefits in comparison with other methods:

  • Precision

Lasers can be programmed to target selected areas only so that the surrounding skin remains undamaged. For example, only the hair around the bikini area will be removed or only the age spots around your chest will be reduced with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Speed

Lasers can remove many unwanted hairs in the fraction of a second that it takes them to produce a single pulse. Depending on the area being treated, it can take anywhere from under a minute (e.g., upper lip) to an hour (e.g., legs and back).  While a few sessions will be necessary to achieve the desired results, you will think of these sessions as a minor interruption in your schedule because of their speed.

  • Predictability

Lasers provide relatively predictable results, too. Your dermatologist can give a nearly accurate number of sessions before your desired results can be seen and enjoyed. For permanent hair loss, for example, you may require three to seven sessions for your bikini area and legs.

Laser age spots and hair removal procedures are obviously more expensive than buying razors, tweezers, and electric shavers as well as anti-aging creams. But you will be buying them over and over again because your unwanted body and face hair as well as age spots will still grow back.

Over time, the actual cost of buying these products coupled with the hours spent on using them will add up. You will then realize that you have spent precious dollars on temporary, if not ineffective, solutions to your cosmetic issues.

In contrast, laser treatments involve payments of higher professional fees for a few times but the exceptional results are worth it!

How to Prepare for Laser Procedure

The first and most important step is getting the best from laser hair removal and age spots reduction is to find a qualified dermatologist. You don’t want to risk your skin to the ministrations of a quack doctor, especially considering that lasers have their risks like burns in the hands of unqualified people.

Before you can qualify for the procedure, your dermatologist will ask relevant questions including: 

  • Your medical history including illnesses, injuries and medications
  • Your expectations especially the risks and results (i.e., lasers will not be effective for all cases)
  • Your treatment and payment plans (i.e., laser procedures on skin aren’t usually covered by medical insurance unless these meet certain requirements)

Before the procedure photos will also be taken for comparison purposes after the procedures, as well as for long-term reviews of your case.

Let’s assume that you and your dermatologist agreed that you will undergo laser hair removal or laser age spots reduction. You must strictly comply with the pre-procedure instructions so that the results can be maximized and the risks minimized.

  • Stay out of the sun for up to six weeks before your scheduled procedure, although your doctor can also work within a four-week period. You should also avoid using tanning products because these can increase the risk of side effects including the unwanted lightening of the skin being in treated.
  • Avoid hair removal methods that will disturb the hair follicles, such as waxing, plucking and electrolysis. But you can continue shaving your hair because it will not adversely affect your hairs’ follicles and shafts.

You should also avoid using products on your skin that may interfere with the removal of the age spots. Your doctor may also recommend avoidance of tanning products and booths since these will increase the risk of side effects after the procedure.

What to Expect During Laser Procedure

The pre-procedure steps will vary depending on the laser procedure chosen in your case. In terms of laser hair removal, these steps can be summarized as follows:

  • Your hair will be trimmed to just a few millimeters above your skin’s surface.
  • You and your doctor will wear eye protection goggles for safety reasons.
  • You may request for a topical anesthetic so that any discomfort during the treatment can be minimized.
  • Your doctor will press a handheld wand to your skin and activate it. The laser beam passes through your skin’s surface layer to your hairs’ follicles thus damaging the latter.

You may feel a slight stinging sensation followed by a cool feeling when the laser instrument passes over your skin but these are tolerable.  You may be on the table, so to speak, for several minutes to an hour depending on your hair’s condition and the size of the area being treated.

These steps are also similar to the ones used for age spots reduction.  The main differences lie in the type of laser used, which your doctor will discuss with you during consultations.

After each procedure, you will likely notice swelling, redness and discomfort in the treatment area. You don’t have to worry about these side effects because these are minor and temporary (i.e., fade away after 24 hours), as well as can be resolved with home remedies. You can apply ice to the treatment area and take pain medications, for example.

After the recommended number of sessions, you will see that indeed lasers are excellent treatment methods for removing unwanted hair and age spots! You will feel and look better and that’s the most important aspect of the method!


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