Glucosomine When Your Pet Needs an Extra Boost

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Would you believe that dogs suffer from many of the same ailments as humans? It’s true; your dog could very well be suffering from arthritis that makes a drastic impact on their movement and actions.

As your dog ages, the odds of them are suffering from arthritis increases dramatically bringing bouts of severe joint pain. You now have access to a supplement that will get your pet up and running in no time at all.


Glucosamine is a drug that helps rebuild the cartilage your dog needs in order to run around and play and remain active. Arthritis, often referred as osteoarthritis, is a degenerative joint disease that impact the joints.

Joints in both humans and animals work in the same fashion. Imagine an old squeaky door hinge that stops squeaking after you apply the oil. Joints riddled with arthritis function in the same manner.

During the puppy stage, a dog’s body can heal damaged joints on their own rather quickly. However, once your dog begins to age, the healing process slows to a crawl.

Over the years of constant activity and repetitive moment, your pets tendons and ligaments begin to stretch. With time, this will lead to the breaking down of the cartilage, allowing bone to rub against bone causing excruciating pain and discomfort.

This process is the overall big picture of what osteoarthritis does to both humans and dogs. Treating your pet’s symptoms is vital for improving her quality of life.

What is a safe dosage?

When administering Glucosamine to your dogs, the recommended dose will vary with each animal. A regular dosage of Glucosamine averages 10 mg per pound.

The product is typically bought in 500 mg pills or tablets. So, if you have a pet that weighs fifty pounds his dosage would be one pill of 500 mg. It’s always better to under medicate than overdosing due to guessing.

If you find it to be a struggle giving glucosamine for dogs in pill form, you can also buy it in liquid form. Play close attention to the dosage, measure the exact amount as you would administer in pill form.

What to expect

Gradually, you will see positive changes in your dog’s general overall health, but, mostly in his ability to run and jump. However, if you don’t see improvements you should take your dog to see a vet.

Other than Glucosamine, other natural options such as Omega-3 fish oil for arthritis symptoms. For dogs that suffer from chronic osteoarthritis, prescription pain relief may be necessary if she cannot function alone.

If at all possible, avoiding painkillers are the best route to go in aiding your dog. Many stronger painkillers have severe side effects when used with dogs.

Side effects

While side effects are rare, it is important to understand what common behaviors to keep a watch for and report to your vet. All effects are mild and usually stop as soon as discontinuing the medication.

  • -Constipation
  • -Rash
  • -Headaches
  • -Upset stomach

All are mild common issues to keep a close watch for in order to discontinue as soon as they becomes apparent.


Keeping your dog active in order to maintain proper weight will help in slowing down the deterioration of the tendons and ligaments. Make sure you keep her up to date on all her shots and give her lots of love.

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