Five Things You Can Do to Live Longer

Most people can name the bad habits that can shorten your lifespan. But, it’s a lot more productive to think about the positive things you can do to help increase your life span. Look at five simple examples.

Develop a Fun Exercise Plan

It’s not enough just to develop an exercise plan. You must develop a fun exercise plan. If the exercises are fun, you’re more likely to make exercising a weekly habit in your life. Remember you don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. You can find an activity you love and do it a few times a week. Some ideas include playing tennis with a friend, dancing with your children or riding your bicycle through your neighborhood.

Join a Social Group

Joining a social group helps you to stay in contact with others and moves you away from too much time alone. Joining a social group can look different for every person. One person may join a book club that discusses the latest thrillers or mystery novels. Another person may join a quilting group and spend time with others who enjoy sewing beautiful blankets and quilts. It’s not just the activity, it’s the nurturing of friendships. Making friends is easier if you start out in a group where all of you already have something in common.

Pursue One or Two Hobbies

A hobby can be very satisfying and give you a feeling of accomplishment. You may love observing and studying the wild birds living around your town. If so, birdwatching would be a wonderful hobby to pursue. Or, if you really like making desserts, then creating tasty dishes for your family and neighbors would be a suitable hobby for you. Doing something you love each day can change your energy giving you more vitality.

Prepare a List of Tasty, Low Calorie Recipes

Once again, eating healthy is a no-brainer if you want to live longer. But, it’s essential that you find healthy recipes you’re going to eat. One idea is to make a list of healthy ingredients that you enjoy and do an online search for recipes containing some or all those ingredients. Getting creative and adding spices to healthy dishes can make them even more appealing. If you are enjoying your healthy meals, you’re going to be more apt to continue to eat them.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Health experts such as Ilchi Lee agree that a grateful attitude can add to a person’s longevity. A gratitude journal can be a pocket-sized notebook you keep with you always, so you can write down things you’re grateful for throughout the day. Or, you can keep a diary or large notebook beside your bed, so you can make an entry every night before you fall asleep. Some people write paragraphs describing the things they are grateful for, while others make a simple list of items. How you set up and use your gratitude journal is a personal decision.

These are just a sampling of things you can do to live longer. Trying to make healthy choices both fun and easy can keep you on the road to older age. Change your attitude and change your energy, Ilchi Lee, health expert opines and live much longer than you believe you will.


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